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How to Get Rid of Wasps in Your House

Jan 25, 2019

Wasps aren't really bad insects. They do good for us by pollinating flowers and otherwise contributing to our environment. Unfortunately, wasps are known to become aggressive around people and, if provoked, they will cause wasp stings that are itchy, red, and painful. They can also lead to dangerous allergic reactions in certain susceptible people.

How to Kill a Wasp in Your House

If you can't get the wasp to leave your home, you will need to kill it. There are several ways to kill a wasp, so it won't bother you anymore.

In the very beginning, you need to isolate the wasp. If it is flying all around the house, you should get all children and your pets out of the room. Turn on the lights so that you can actually see the wasp. If the lights are too high on the ceiling, the wasps will be attracted there and you may not be able to reach it. Then you may need a ladder and have a helper around to keep the ladder from tipping over. You can set out sugary drinks or food that will attract the wasp and turn on lamps that are lower than the ceiling if you don't have a ladder. Put on something thick and wear pants so that the wasp won't sting you on your bare skin. Then let's do the job.

1.  Use Spray

You can learn how to kill a wasp in your house by purchasing a can of spray that can kill the wasp, such as EcoExempt Jet Wasp and Hornet Killer. It is best to kill a wasp in another room of the house instead of the kitchen, so the spray doesn't get near food. Stand still and wait until the wasp is close enough to spray. Don't just spray a large cloud of the spray at the wasp. Instead, reach out with your arm and spray the insect. If you have done it right, the wasp will fall to the ground as soon as it is sprayed. Spray it again after it has fallen to the ground. Then grasp the wasp with a towel and dispose of it outside in the garbage can. Remember not to use toilet paper or tissues to pick up the wasp as it can still be alive and may sting you through the tissue. After spraying, clean the surfaces that might have been sprayed with water and soap.

2.  Use Flyswatter

This is an easy way to kill a wasp. If you have a fly swatter and only have a few wasps to tackle, a fly swatter will work very well. You need to have quick reflexes, because if you miss, you may get stung because you have irritated the wasp and it will come after you.

3.  Use Vacuum

If the wasp is not flying but is instead on the ground and walking on your floor, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a broom to get it off the floor and out of your house. It is best to do this during the springtime because wasps are just coming out of their hibernation state and are slower and more sluggish during that time. This is how to kill a wasp in your house when it is not that aggressive.

How to Prevent Wasps in Your House

If you don't feel like killing the wasp outright, you can do the following things to keep wasps out of the home:

1.  Keep Protein Foods Inside

Wasps mainly eat protein, so things that are high in protein should be kept insides rather than on your picnic table. This includes the protein in pet food as well. You should feed your pet indoors and this will keep wasps from being attracted to the pet food.

2.  Keep Sugar Away

While wasps primarily eat protein in the spring and summer, they tend to eat more sugar when it is fall time. Sugar increases the lifespan and reproductive abilities of the wasp, so they tend to gravitate toward it in the fall. If you are having a fall picnic, keep the sugary soda pops and sugary desserts inside.

3.  Set Out Some Sliced Cucumbers

If you are having an outdoor picnic and want to keep the wasps away, you can use cucumbers. Cucumbers are acidic and this is something wasps are not interested in. Cut cucumber into slices and keep them on around the barbecue area or picnic area. This will keep the wasps away so that you can enjoy your picnic.

4.  Keep Your Garbage Cans Sealed

While wasps are usually hunters, they will also scavenge for food. If your garbage can is not sealed tightly, the wasps will scavenge for the food in the container. You can also consider isolating out the protein and sugar you throw away into a separate garbage can. You don't have to lock up all your garbage that way, but make sure the can with the protein and sugar in it sealed tightly.

5.  Keep a Crumpled Brown Bag on the Ceiling

Wasps will not be attracted to an area where they believe that another wasp colony exists. If you crumple up a brown paper bag and attach it with string to the ceiling near the doors,wasps will not be able to tell the difference between a wasp's nest and a brown paper bag. They will stay away from your house and you won't have to worry about how to kill a wasp in your house.

6.  Seal the Siding of Your Home and Seal Up Awnings

Wasps like awnings and the siding of your house as places to build a wasp nest. If you seal these areas, the wasps won't be able to get through the siding and into your house. If you have a wasp nest near your home, wait until winter when they have died off and remove the nest before sealing up the house.