Cinnamon and Honey for Weight Loss

You may have already used a number of remedies to keep your weight in check. Have you ever thought of using cinnamon and honey for weight loss? While it may not help you lose weight overnight, it can definitely prove quite beneficial when used with proper exercise and balanced diet. It will help you lose weight fast and keep food cravings at bay.

Honey is quiteeffective to maintaina healthy body weight, mainly because it contains enzymes and antioxidants. Health benefits of cinnamon are equally impressive. That's the reason why combining these two seems to be a good idea. It boosts your metabolism and helps you lose weight more efficiently. 

How Do Cinnamon and Honey Work for Weight Loss?

Due to the enzymes they contain, the cinnamon and honey work for weight lossand both offer certain health benefits, mainly. Here's more about why you can expect great results when using cinnamon and honey for weight loss.

  • The combo helps lower your blood sugar and cholesterol levels – this keeps hunger pangs in control and save you from overeating.
  • The combo helps get rid of bacteria, fungus and parasites in your digestive tract, which helps you with better digestion. Hence the combo work for weight loss.
  • Drinking it regularly will keep your body from accumulating fat.
  • It helps cure chronic cholesterol, which in turn helps you yield more from your weight loss efforts.
  • It boosts your metabolism and ensures that your body burns calories faster.
  • The combo provides you with a variety of nutrients like proteins, water, sugar, fiber, and various other nutrients that help you with weight loss.
  • It improves your digestive system and prevents gas that makes you feel light, and encourages you to be more active when exercising.

How to Take Cinnamon and Honey for Weight Loss

You don't need so many things to prepare your own weight loss tonic at home. It only takes a few minutes to prepare it.


  • A teaspoon of honey
  • Half teaspoon of cinnamon powder
  • A cup of water


  • Mix all ingredients together in a small saucepan.
  • Boil the mixture and then filter it into a cup.
  • Divide it into two half-cup quantities.
  • Drink one-half cup before breakfast and take the other before going to bed at night.

Using cinnamon and honey with water is not the only way to use this combo for weight loss. There are some other ways to achieve better results. Here are a few for you to try:

1. Cinnamon Bark Tea and Honey

  • Break a long cinnamon stick into small pieces and place those pieces in a teapot.
  • Add 1½ cup of water to the teapot and boil until a rolling boil.
  • Pour boiled water over your cinnamon sticks and cover it with a lid. Let it steep for 10 minutes and then strain the tea.
  • Drink it regularly for weight loss.

2. Cinnamon and Honey with Lemon

  • Add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a tablespoon each of lemon juice and honey.
  • Stir it thoroughly and let it steep for a few minutes.
  • Strain it and drink it to lose weight.

3. Cinnamon and Honey with Lemon in Green Tea

  • Take half teaspoon of ground cinnamon and a teaspoon each of lemon juice and honey.
  • Mix these ingredients in a cup of green tea and drink each day to keep your weight in check.

When IS the Best Time to Take Cinnamon and Honey for Weight Loss?

1. Take in the Morning Section

Drinking it in the morning will help you have a great start of your day. It will make you feel full and keep you from overeating throughout the day. It also charges your metabolism in the morning.

2. Take Between Meals

Drinking it in-between meals is another great idea when you want to lose weight quickly.  This will reduce your appetite and help to keep your calorie intake low. It also lowers your blood sugar levels, so you won't have to look for snacks throughout the day.

3. Take Before Starting Aerobic Workouts

Drinking it before going for your workout will give you energy to perform exercise with vigor. This can make your body burn more calories by working out on an empty stomach and not eating anything at least for an hour after your workout.

4. Take Before Going to Bed at Night

If you find it difficult to resist the temptation to eat something after lunch until you go to sleep at night, you should try cinnamon and honey for weight loss. Honey will ensure that you don't crave for sweets and cinnamon will ensure that your digestive system stays in top working condition throughout the night.

Tips and Precautions for Using Cinnamon and Honey for Weight Loss

  • Drink it in modest: It is important to drink honey and cinnamon mixture for several days, but you should avoid overdoing it. You should drink it for a couple of months to achieve your goals and then use it only occasionally to get relieved from certain conditions like overweight or some health issues. Don't make this a habit of drinking this mixture daily.
  • Mix the two with right rate. When mixing, you should ensure that you use two parts of honey and one part of cinnamon, namely at a rate of 2:1 for honey and cinnamon.
  • The cinnamon type matters. Make sure you are using Ceylon cinnamon with honey for weight loss, rather than Cassia cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon is reported to contain coumarin that can cause liver damage if taken for more than a couple of weeks. With lower concentrations of coumarin, Ceylon cinnamon is recommended to use with honey for weight loss.
  • Add raw honey after water boiled. To enjoy more benefits, you may add raw honey after you have boiled the water to retain all its nutrients.
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