Least Painful Places for Tattoos

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo but are worried about what seems like unbearable pain from the tattoo needle entering your skin, you should know that there are a few least painful places for tattoos. Avoid the most painful sites and you can truly get a beautiful and well placed tattoo that doesn't hurt too much if you are careful and know where the least painful places are located.

12 Least Painful Places for Tattoos

Here are some places you can have a tattoo where will be not as painful as in other places.

1.  The Finger

You may experience some pain from this type of tattoo, especially when you get near the bone. The tattoos on the top of the finger are usually quite small so the pain doesn't last for a long period of time. The top of the finger is especially sexy place to get a tattoo that everyone can appreciate. There aren't as many nerve endings on the top of the finger when compared to the bottom or palm-side of the finger.

2.  Outer Aspect of the Shoulder

This is a great place to get a tattoo. They can be small, middle-sized, or cover half your sleeve. These are tattoos that can be seen about 99 percent of the time and you can be rest assured that, because there are few nerve endings there, the pain of getting one in this location is very minimal. This must be on the list of the least painful places for tattoos.


3.  Anywhere on the Thighs

Thigh tattoos are very sensual. They can be seen only with short shorts or by loved ones and they don't hurt much to get. The thigh is a big area to get a tattoo on and the tattoo can be especially flashy. There is a low nerve density on the thighs, so you can get a large one without much pain.

4.  In the Back of the Ear

This is a little known place to get a tattoo that doesn't hurt too much to get. They show up best when you have your hair up and can surprise others, depending on what you have tattooed there. The area behind the ear doesn't have many nerve endings so you don't really feel the pain when getting the tattoo.


5.  The Area of the Hips

The hip area is a big place for an especially artistic tattoo that isn't usually very visible to others. Of the many places you can get a tattoo, the hip area is probably one of the least painful places for tattoos because there are a lot of extra fatty layers and not too many nerve endings in this area.

6.  The Area of the Shin

This is the front part of the calf between the knee and the ankles. It is a highly visible place to get a tattoo if you are wearing shorts or a dress. There won't be a lot of pain with this body area because the nerve endings are sparse.


7.  Inner Side of the Wrist

This makes for a cute area to get a small tattoo. They are very feminine and don't hurt too much to get. This is because the skin is thin and the wrist isn't near any bony prominences that would hurt too much to get a nice tattoo on.


8.  Upper Area of the Back

The back not only provides for a lot of space to get a tattoo on but it is a part of the body with the least density of nerve endings. This means you can get a nice, sexy tattoo with very little pain that will look great with a backless dress or if you go shirtless (for men). Steer clear of the spinal area because the bones are too near the surface and stay away from the armpit area because these have more nerve endings than the rest of the back.

9.  The Neck

Neck tattoos are like back tattoos because there aren't many nerve endings as long as you stay away from the spinous processes. They look good when you have short hair or put your long hair up and can be very sexy. Even though the neck is close to the head, it is an area without a lot of nerve endings, so it isn't all that painful to get a tattoo.

10.  The Area of the Ribs

Because the ribs are bones that can be close to the surface, this area is a bit more sensitive than some of the other areas of just discussed. If you have some extra padding, however, this area is a lot like the back with very few nerve endings, therefore,creating less pain. Rib tattoos look especially good if you are wearing a bikini and look nice in black or in colors.


11.  Stomach

The stomach area isn't located near many bones so it isn't an area you'll experience much pain if you have a tattoo there. They can be seen if you are wearing a bikini but not if you wear a one piece suit. This makes it the perfect place for those who want a private tattoo that only your loved ones will see. Good areas for tattoos are the lower abdomen, the sides of the abdomen, and around the belly button.

12.  Chest

Men commonly have chest tattoos but more and more women are getting them too, because there aren't many nerve endings in the trunk so that the chest is relatively painless to have a tattoo placed. You can get a small one on the upper outer quadrant of the breast but avoid the under arm area because here is a bit more sensitive than the chest tissue itself. You can do a small tattoo or cover your whole chest without a great deal of pain.


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