Being Chased in a Dream: What Does It Mean?

Most of us have had the feeling of being chased in a dream once in a while. It is not a particularly good feeling as it increases your levels of anxiety especially when you meet a dead end or something highly unusual. The feeling stays with you like an itch and it affects daily routine activities of a normal person. A dream in which you have been chased could mean anything according to your circumstances or the person chasing you, so one should make an effort in trying to understand the implication behind such dreams.

What Does Being Chased in a Dream Mean?

The first thing to do is to interpret the dream according to the recent real life events and compare them for a possible connection.

1. Dreams Where You're Being Chased by Humans

A dream about being chased by somebody is mostly linked to situations or fear of encountering something in real life. It is perhaps that one is trying to run from a particular situation or trying to hide an aspect of his personality which he does not want to disclose in front of others.

The distance between the pursuer and the chased can be the key to revealing some details of what is the situation really about and if the distance shortens then it means that the issue is creating an atmosphere of increasing pressure in your daily life.

2. Dreams Where You're Being Chased by Animals

Being pursued through your dreams by an animal? When a beast attacks our unconsciousness, it can often represent anger that we're containing; in this understanding of an angry animal dream, our intuitive has taken all of our bad emotional states, and proposed them onto an uncontrollable animal.

3. Dreams Where You're Being Stalked

Again, if you've felt something stalking you in real life, dreams about the feeling can be part of the way your cognizance is trying to handle the disturbance. But if you haven't, thinking that you're being pried upon and trailed can infer that there's a chief issue in your life that you're trying to overlook.

4. Dreams Where You're Chasing Others

If you're the one doing the eerie chasing, it can be a symbol that you're trying to draw near other people in your life, whom you sense have left you behind.

Elements in Chasing Dreams that Mean Something

  • Laughing: if you laugh in your dream or you think about the event being amusing, then this is an optimistic dream.
  • In slow motion: if you dream that you are in slow motion when being chased, then this is a suggestion that you need to look at your relationship with others. Think about how you can develop communal relationships particularly with those associated with your work.
  • Trapped to the ground: being trapped at the ground while you're being chased in a dream is connected to insufficient feelings. If you are a woman and you feel being chased yet trapped in your dream, this proposes you are feeling limited by the atmosphere in which you live. If you are a man and you have a comparable feeling, this shows that your mannishness has been probed. You need to identify openly any influences which are giving rise to your worries. The most usual dream in respects to being chased if that you really feel someone is following you or you have a feeling someone is behind you.
  • Unable to move or run: if you find yourself physically unmovable in your dream and the chaser is drawing near you, then this shows that you need to grow up and grow some sense of accountability and the need to mature emotionally and physically.
  • Cannot see your chaser: this means you cannot picture them. In this case the pursuer is, in reality, part of you and this dream specifies that you need to discover the emotional state within or change your attitude towards an area of your occupation.
  • Chased by people at work or school: if you are being chased in a dream by work associates or people at school, then this signifies that you may feel that you are not working as firmly as you should.
  • Your reaction: The way you reacted to the person who chased you imitates the way you deal with that issue in real life. If you kept pushing the problem further by running from the person chasing you in the dream, then your intuition will keep reminding you about the issue at hand until you face them in reality.
  • The Distance between you two: The gap between your pursuer and you shows your nearness to the issue. If the pursuer is closing up the gap fast enough, then it indicates that the issue is not going to go away. The issue will surround you, till you antagonize and confront it. However, if you are able to broaden the gap between your pursuer and you, then you are able to effectively distance yourself from the issue.

2 Mistakes in Interpreting Chasing Dreams

Most people understand dreams erroneously because they always make 2 highly usual mistakes.

  • The first is considering that the dream signifies something that is yet to occur while in fact 99% of dreams embody something that has previously taken place. When you dream that somebody is chasing you, it doesn't actually indicates that someone will pursue you in reality but means that your intuition is trying to notify you that something is taking place right now using its own signs.
  • The other error people make is that when they infer dreams, they think every symbol has a common meaning globally. In fact, each sign can have a dissimilar meaning based on the being who saw it. If two persons dreamed of being chased in their respective dreams, then both dreams can have a totally different meaning.
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