Sex in Periods Is Safe or Not?

Contrary to popular belief, having sex in periods is safe. Some people think they should not have sex with their partners during periods because women are unclean when menstruating. It is possible to find religious texts prohibiting sex in periods, but it has nothing to do with your health. This often makes couples ask, whether sex in periods is safe or not?Keep reading to learn about why sex in periods is safe, and how to enjoy sex in periods.

Sex in Periods Is Safe or Not? Why?

Yes, you can have sex while menstruating and it is completely safe too. There is no scientific evidence that this practice is harmful in any way. Some people limit contact with menstruating women thinking they are unclean or dirty. Other than this thought, there's no reason not to have sex when menstruating.

Several studies show that it is actually better for you to have sex when you're menstruating because it will help ease different symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. For some women, orgasms can play a big role in easing cramps. The orgasmic contractions may also serve as a perfect way to give your uterus a soothing internal massage.Some women even say that menstruation ends sooner if they have sex in period. This is mainly due to the muscle spasms of orgasm.

A sex session that ends in a strong orgasm will release endorphins that act as natural mood enhancers and painkillers. It means sex in periods will help sooth symptoms such as headaches, cramps, irritability, and mild depression. It is, however, a personal preference because some women just don't like having sex during periods, while others enjoy it more when menstruating. It has nothing to do with whether sex in periods is safe or not.

Are There Any Risks of Sex in Period?

If you haven't ever tried having sexing period, it's obvious to feel a bit skeptical. As mentioned above, hormonal changes make women feel more aroused during the first few days of menstruation, and then you will wonder if there any risks associated with sex in period.

Many people don't know it but a woman can get pregnant even on her period. Although the chances are not that high, it's far from being impossible. You may not want to have sex during period if you're trying to avoid pregnancy. Or, you may at least want to use some form of birth control when having sex. It is also advisable to use male condom because the cervix expands during menstruation, which allows viruses and bacteria to travel into the uterus. Having unprotected sex during menstruation may increase the risk of getting an STI.

How to Deal With the Concerns on Sex in Period

Whether sex in periods is safe or not is one concern, there are some others as well.

Deal With Cleaning Issues

Yes, those linens are expensive, and doing laundry is not what every woman loves. You can resolve this issue by using an old towel that you can place on your bed while having sex. You can also keep messiness under control by trying a sex position that doesn't put you on your back. Try it in the shower and it will save you from dealing with any cleanup issues.

If you haven't used a towel or not taken your adventure in the shower, you will be on a 'mission cleanup' after sex. The best thing is to stay prepared for every situation, and that's why it makes sense to hit your local drugstore and buy some adult baby wipes. Use these wet wipes when situation gets messy.

Careful Foreplay to Relieve the Cramps Sensation

Cramps and other period troubles such as acne, bloating, etc. are sure to spoil your mood. The solution here is to engage in foreplay. Spend more time in foreplay to get you ready for the real session.

It's Just Not That Gross

Like mentioned already, some people feel the idea off period sex quite disgusting. In reality, a woman is not a toxic waste plant that releases toxins while menstruating. You have to change the way you think to experience the fun.

Talk About It with Your Partner

How you feel about having sex in period is different for every woman. You need to talk it with your partner and share your thoughts about the idea of having sex in periods. You already know whether sex in periods is safe or not, so there should be nothing stopping you to try it once. It is also important to be open about your menstrual cycles in front of your partner. Tell him you're flowing, but you still want to have sex. It's usually nothing more than having a feeling of doing something gross. Once he overcomes this feeling, he'll never notice any difference in sex before period and sex on period.

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