How Not to Smell Like Alcohol After Drinking

There is no other way to relax and unwind like hanging out with friends. Having a couple of drinks and letting your hair down for some time seems like a lot of fun. When the party is in full swing you need to be careful about how much you drink. The last thing you need at a party is alcohol breath. Here are a few tips on how not to smell like alcohol after drinking.

How to Not Smell Like Alcohol after Drinking

1.      Eat Some Onion and Garlic

garlic The strong aroma of onion and garlic can mask the odor of alcohol. If you eat a little bit of garlic or some red onion with your food, they can mask the smell of alcohol for some time. When you are out drinking with friends order some garlic flavored food along with your drinks. You can have some garlic bread or garlic fries. Or you can add some red onions to salads, steak or burgers. You can chew some raw onion or garlic but be careful as these have a very strong flavor and they give a very strong smell to your breath. For some people this strong flavor and smell is not acceptable.

2.      Try Chewing Gum


A great way on how not to smell like alcohol after drinking is to chew some strong flavored chewing gum. This can act as a mouth freshener and chewing also increases salivation which helps to eliminate the smell of alcohol from your breath. Mint gums are very effective and popular. Sour flavored gums are also good as chewing them increases salivation more than sweet gums.

3.      Do Brush Your Teeth

brush teeth

If you are really worried that your breath smells too bad, brush your teeth with strong flavored toothpaste. This will help to eliminate the odor of alcohol from your mouth. Do brush for a couple of minutes and rinse your mouth thoroughly to eliminate the smell of alcohol. It is also a good idea to floss your teeth at the same time because the food residue stuck between your teeth is soaked with alcohol and this can produce a foul smell even after brushing.

4.      Use a Good Mouth Wash

mouth wash

If you are still concerned about the alcohol on your breath after brushing and flossing your teeth, rinse your mouth with a strong mouth wash. There are certain mouth washes available in the market, which are specifically designed to eliminate the bad odor of alcohol. Swish the mouth wash in your mouth and keep it in for about half a minute. Then rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.

5.      Drink Plenty of Water

drink water

Alcohol can dehydrate you and this dehydration can make the smell of alcohol stronger. Drink plenty of water if you are on a night out to prevent getting dehydrated. Try to drink half glass of water after every drink. This way you will drink less alcohol and your body will stay hydrated.

6.      Take a Shower


Another very effective way for how not to smell like alcohol after drinking is to take a shower. When you drink a lot of alcohol it can seep out from your pores and your body can smell like it. To get rid of this strong smell, take a shower. Wash yourself really well to remove the stink. Use some fresh smelling body wash to have a pleasant effect.

7.      Grab a Cup of Coffee


Having a strong cup of coffee is also a great idea. It will wake you up and the strong smell of coffee will mask alcohol breath. Try to have black coffee for better results. If you will add milk or cream to it, the smell of coffee will not be strong enough to mask bad breath. Keep it in your mouth for a couple of seconds to get maximum effect. Don’t forget to brush your teeth afterwards.

8.      Eat Some Spicy Food

spicy food

Spicy foods are good to boost the metabolism. Which means your body will get rid of alcohol more effectively. Most of the spicy foods contain plenty of garlic and onions and these are also helpful to conceal the odor of alcohol. Though the smell of spicy food is pretty strong, it is better than the stink of alcohol.

9.      Use a Good Perfume


After a wild night out, you can use some perfume in the morning to smell fresh. Many people over use perfumes and colognes while out drinking and since the sense of smell does get a bit dim after having a lot of alcohol, the smell of perfume can become too strong. However, do apply a little bit of perfume on your wrists, behind your ears, between your breasts and under your belly button in the morning. You won't smell like alcohol by doing so.

Why Would Alcohol Make You Smell Bad?

Alcohol can make you smell bad in the following three ways:

  • The smell of the drink: Alcohol has a very strong odor and when you drink it, the smell stays in your mouth. This can lead to foul smelling breath. The smell gets worse when it mixes with other food debris and saliva.
  • Dehydration: Another reason for alcohol is dehydration. When the mouth gets dry the smell of alcohol gets stronger.
  • Fermentation: Alcohol is made after fermentation and it has the ability to ferment food and other cells. Long term drinkers start to smell like the drink they have been consuming for ages.

How to Avoid It

Looking for ways on how not to smell like alcohol after drinking? Try the following:

  • Do not mix different drinks: If you are at a party try to stick to one type of alcohol. Every drink has its distinctive odor but if you drink many types, the smell will get mixed up and your breath will be laden with a very strong odor.
  • Stay away from aromatic or herb infused drinks: Some drinks are infused with various exotic herbs and spices. If you want to try these, make sure that you limit yourself to a reasonable amount and do not end up smelling like a pub.
  • Drink moderately: Be careful and drink only as much as you can handle. Excessive drinking is not good for your health.
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