21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan

The 21 day fix program was highly successful, and had shown great results for those who undertook the plan. The system is upgraded in 2015, with the new name "21 Day Fix Extreme." Below is information regarding the diet part in this program, providing all that you need to know to start and follow the 21 day fix extreme meal plan.

21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan Overview

Like most programs for fitness, the 21 day extreme plan has accentuated the importance of nutrition and diet. Within the plan, there are two important things to consider.

1. Pre-Measured Meal Plan Containers

These are 7 reusable food containers that allow you to store your meals in color codes, according to the type of food. This makes it easier and simpler to follow the meal plan, increasing its convenience. The 7 color-coded containers are:

  • Ÿ   Green: Vegetables
  • Ÿ   Red: Proteins
  • Ÿ   Purple: Fruits
  • Ÿ   Yellow: Carbs
  • Ÿ   Blue: Fats and cheeses
  • Ÿ   Orange: Oils and seeds
  • Ÿ   Shaker Cup: Drinks

After you know these, all you need to do is to put one of the approved foods (as listed below) in a corresponding container, which controls the amount of food and calories in it. With so many choices here, it is easy to eat various meals if planed well.

2. Food List

Compared to the first 21 Day Fix meal plan, some foods have been added to the meal list, and some have been removed in 21 Day Fix Extreme meal plan. Below is the updated list of foods that can be incorporated into your meal plan.

6 Steps to Create a 21 Day Fix Meal Plan

1. Print out a Blank Meal Planning Worksheet

Planning meals with the use of a worksheet will help to precisely plan what to eat and when. This is a great way to ensure that the proper plan is followed, and make it easier to remember what can and cannot be eaten.

2. Refer to Various Clean Eating Recipes

There are numerous clean eating recipes which can be found online, or you can even devise some at home, using the list of foods above. Ensuring to vary the foods in each meal will help prevent any loss of interest in the meal plan.

3. Divide Your Containers by Meal

This point has been noted above. Dividing snacks and meals into color coded containers makes the planning of meals much easier. This should be done for all meals throughout the meal plan.

4. Start with Breakfast and Snack

For the majority of people, the easiest meals to plan will be breakfast and snacks. It may be easier to decide what will be eaten for these meals, before deciding what to consume fordinners and then lunch. You can start with the easier ones, then harder ones.

5. Plan Dinner

Once breakfast and snacks have been planned, it's time to decide what to have for dinners. It is advisable to be creative and keep it fun by always trying new recipes. If there are any leftovers, remember to utilize them for snacks or lunch the next day.

6. Plan Lunch with Leftovers

As mentioned above, using leftovers for lunch will help ease the planning. Combining salad with leftovers from the night before will be a good idea, making a nutritious and tasty lunch for you. This can be used for all people who are taking 21 day fix extreme meal plan.

More Tips

  • Spread your consumption of nutrients throughout the day.
  • Use your containers to measure your ingredients and figure out the correct serving size.
  • Try to consume any carbohydrates earlier in the day.
  • Avoid eating carbohydrates or fruits only. Be sure to add fat or protein in the same meal to help keep blood sugar stable.
  • When you find a recipe that you really enjoy, save it, either write it down on paper or save it digitally.
  • List your favorite meals before deciding your meal plan, in order to help make the process easier.

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