Curious About Becoming Anorexic? There're Ways to Do That!

Anorexia nervosa is a disturbing eating disorder that often originates when people are in their teens. People suffering from anorexia purposely withhold eating food from their diet, so they can lose weight. They suffer from the perception that they are fat when the mirror indicates they are actually thin. About 5 percent of teenage girls in Great Britain suffer from anorexia; about 4 out of 10 will skip their meals in order to look more like movie stars and fashion models. What's more, girls are not the only ones who have anorexia and boys sometime develop the disorder, too. This article is about how to become anorexic for losing weight only, we know you want to lose weight quickly instead of becoming anorexic.

4 Tips to Become Anorexic

Anorexics have specific exercise and eating habits you may want to learn about before making your decision. However, because anorexia can lead to serious health problems, you should talk to your doctor before embarking on becoming an anorexic. Anorexia can be particularly dangerous for those who suffer from chronic diseases, such as cancer, HIV, and diabetes. Your doctor might give you some advices about losing weight wisely and here are some helpful tips for that.

1.  Be Prepared

You need first to help keep your mind and body in proper shape. Too many people try to jump in and do it quickly. Unfortunately, the brain and body need to go at a slower pace in order to fight off hunger. Although there are several different types of tips on how to become anorexic, you need to select one that you can manage. You can try to be anorexic for just a couple of days and not commit right away to doing it for a whole week.

2.  Diet Plan

The easiest way to become anorexic is simply to quit eating. Most people find that is difficult to do right away. Try one of these diet plans in order to start becoming eating less gradually:

  • The air weight loss plan. This is a fairly radical way to become exercise. It is also perhaps the easiest method. You simply try not to eat any solid food whatsoever. You "eat" a lot of fresh air instead. You need to sit down at every meal; eating clear soup or water is acceptable. Spoon the food to your mouth but do not put it in your mouth. There is a report that Madonna participated in this particular diet plan. It shouldn't be undertaken for too many days in a row, however, or you will soon starve. It is only a short term method for losing weight.
  • The five bite weight reduction plan. If you want to learn how to become anorexic, you can try this extreme diet plan. You are allowed five bits of food at each meal, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are no restrictions on what five bites of food you are allowed to take, but eating five bites of some kind of food that is healthy will do your body more good than eating five bites of food that is unhealthy. Throughout the day, however, you can drink just about anything you want to as long as there is no calories in what you drink. You can drink diet soda or water without restriction. You should try to take a vitamin every day and perhaps one protein drink or protein bar a day, as long as they contain no fat.
  • The baby food weight loss plan. This is a simple way to become anorexic. Several Hollywood celebrities have used this diet with some success. The basis of this weight loss plan is that you only eat baby food. It comes in jars and is pureed just for babies. You can eat a jar of baby food as a single meal or snack. You shouldn't eat more than one jar in a single sitting. You can also drink as much water as you like but should steer clear of drinking alcohol or coffee. This is an especially good way to become anorexic because the food is nutritious, even if you aren't eating a lot of calories. You won't feel so much like you are starving because you are getting some food in and can snack as long as it is on baby food. You are allowed one granola bar on one meal of the day if you think the food is too mushy. Overall, this is a cheap way to lose weight.
  • Other diet plans. There are several other drastic meal plans you can choose from, including the Dukan diet, the cabbage soup diet, the South Beach weight loss diet, the Scarsdale diet and the Hollywood eating plan. In these diets, you are allowed to eat something which is not very much.

3.  Try Some Exercise

In learning how to become anorexic, you shouldn't ignore the value of exercising. Exercise will burn calories and will speed up the weight loss process. Besides aerobic exercise, think about reading your Bible, doing some kind of yoga, and participate in meditation. These can keep your mind off of eating.

4.  Don't Forget to Drink Water

Water is good for you because it helps to detoxify your body, keeps your kidneys going, and keeps your skin soft and supple. If you have been on an anorexic diet for a long time, consider drinking fruit juices or fruit extracts instead of water some of the time.

People's Experiences

Some people have learned to become anorexic and were successful at it. Here are some shared experiences.

I just wanted to become anorexic in the beginning. I was friendless and was only thirteen years old. I heard about a girl at school who had to leave because she had become anorexic and a lot of schoolmates cared her very much. I wanted the attention and caring she got, so I decided to become anorexic. It didn't work out at first and I just quit it. Three years later, I became a cheerleader. At that time, everyone was talking about their weight and it was during the time my parents were getting a divorce and one of my closest friends just left me, so I started eat less and became thinner. Actually, the feeling was not good at all. --- Julia

It all started when I was ten years old and my friend's brother kept asking “Who is that fatty?” I was stuck with his word even though I knew I wasn't fat. Then my family started teasing me about having a pot belly and I began to be paranoid about my weight. I attempted to cut back on my eating for a few years, but it didn't work because I just loved to eat. I couldn't bring myself to purge and didn't have it in me to exercise. I just had a strong feeling of guilt about everything I have eaten. Then I began eating nearly nothing. I've had my eating disorder ever since. But late I just felt that's wrong and totally bad and rejected that. --- Maria

If you just want to be thin, don't try anorexia which can make your life terrible like the girl shared in the video below. You can just try other ways to lose weight wisely.


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