Can Masturbation Cause Cancer?

Most men are experts at performing masturbation. Some often do it regularly. With that much experience, you’d think that you know all there is to know about masturbation. According to doctors, however, that may not be true. There're still many things concerning masturbation that you ought to know about. Can masturbation cause cancer, for example? Can it harm you? Is there even such a thing as doing masturbation too much?

Can Masturbation Cause Cancer?

Not really
. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that too much masturbation can cause cancer of the testicles. Too much masturbation can lead to exhaustion, which can in turn cause the testicles to shrink. When the testicles are shrunk, there can be a reduced sperm count and a reduction in reproductive function but it is not associated with getting cancer of the testicle.

While no one knows what causes testicular cancer, it is known that masturbating too much is not a cause of this type of cancer.This is a disease that affects the cells of the testicles, which normally produce sperm and testosterone, a major male hormone.There are different kinds of cancer of the testicles because there are different types of cells that make up the totality of the testicles. Each type of cancer is treated differently. If you have testicular cancer, you may experience a swelling or lump within the testicle, edema of the scrotum, a lack of libido, and testicular pain.

What Masturbation Can Do

The male penis needs to have some exercise in order to be healthy, just like other areas of the body. You can work out your penis by regularly ejaculating and by performing masturbation. Masturbation is known to keep the penis strong and healthy by improving the blood flow to the penis and by enhancing sexual performance. When you ejaculate regularly, you flush the vas deferens and the testicles so that semen remains healthy. It also prevents an unnatural buildup of chemicals that can cause cancer to the testicles.

When Is It Too Much?

Men who excessively masturbate, however, are not able to let their body build back the neurochemicals and hormones necessary for sex. So how much is too much? Since the answer to the question, “can masturbation cause cancer?” is “no”, is there a normal amount of masturbation that is considered acceptable or can you do it too much? The truth is that there isn’t a "normal" dose of masturbation needed to have benefits to the body, although it is usually considered that once a day or a few times per week can be healthy. If masturbation becomes some kind of addiction to the point that your normal daily activities are affected, then it is probably too much.

Things You Should Know About Masturbation

Even men who masturbate a lot probably don’t know everything there is to know about the behavior, such as "can masturbation cause cancer?" Here are some little known facts about masturbation that you should know about.

1. There's No Such Thing as "Abnormal" Masturbation

Men often are curious as to whether or not there is something wrong with the way they masturbate. Most experts don’t refer to masturbation as being normal or abnormal in nature. People do masturbation differently so there is no normal way to do it. You can use your hands, use a special sex toy, wear certain clothing, look at magazines, rub the penis against something, or try different positions in order to masturbate.

2. Masturbation Is Very Safe -- but Not Entirely Safe

Masturbation is safer than sex because it can't give you an STD. It won't give you a strain in your muscles or cause you to get poked in the eye as can happen with sex with a partner. However, though safer than sex, it does carry some risks. For example, masturbation that is overly vigorous can irritate the skin on the penis. You can also irritate the urethra by thrusting against carpet, a sheet, or a pillow. In rare conditions, masturbation can result in a fracture of the penis. This is a medical emergency that often needs surgery to correct.

3. Masturbation Can Increase Your Sex Life -- or Ruin It

Masturbation can increase the excitement of sex with your partner. It can teach a man what makes him feel good and he can teach this to his partner. It can help a man learn how to avoid premature ejaculation. Masturbation is a good way to satisfy urges when no partner is available or when his sex drive exceeds that of his partner. On the other hand, some men develop an obsession with masturbation to the point that they have no interest in sex with another person. This can cause a strain on the relationship.

4. Some Types of Masturbation Can Cause Sexual Dysfunction

In some cases, masturbation that is done under increased friction, increased pressure, or involves rapid stroking can cause a lack of adequate ejaculation, making it difficult to have an orgasm with a partner. This is when a man needs to tell the partner to make the sexual stimulation more similar to the way he masturbates when on his own.

5. Masturbation Might Not Offer the Same Health Benefits That Sex Does

Not all types of orgasms can be considered the same, according to experts in sexuality. Many research studies show that sexual intercourse is extremely beneficial to a man. It can improve blood pressure and help in the health of the prostate gland and the heart. It can even reduce pain sensations. Unfortunately, masturbation does not have the same effect on men's health. No one knows exactly why masturbation ejaculation is different from intercourse ejaculation nor do they know why the semen qualities are different when you masturbate versus when you have intercourse.

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