5 Celebrities Suffering from PCOS

About five million American women suffer from a hormonal disorder called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) that often lead to the development of cysts in the ovaries. It may also make your periods irregular and cause acne, weight gain, and fertility issues. PCOS is quite common and even celebs are not immune to this condition. Here is a list of celebrities with PCOS and their experience with this condition.

Signs of PCOS

You usually experience signs of PCOS when you have begun having your periods. Many women develop this condition later in their reproductive years – this usually happens when they become overweight. There will be signs that your doctor can see and there will symptoms that you will experience. Your doctor will check the following first:

  • Irregular periods: Your doctor will ask how regular your periods are. Issues like having no period for longer than 35 days, having fewer than eight periods a year, and not menstruating for four months or longer usually indicate that you have PCOS.
  • Excess androgen: They will check your androgen levels. Elevated levels may lead to facial and body hair, male-pattern baldness, adult acne, or severe adolescent acne.
  • Polycystic ovaries: They will check if you have developed fluid-filled sacs around the eggs in your ovaries.

If you experience serious irregularity in your periods, are worried about infertility, or have signs of elevated signs of androgen, you should immediately go see your doctor.

5 Celebrities with PCOS

While they do not come out in public and shout, there certainly are many celebrities suffering PCOS.Many of them do not mind sharing the experience though. Here are some popular names.

1.        Jillian Michaels

She received serious criticism when she said she cannot handle becoming pregnant, but she later explained why she said that. She was suffering from endometriosis and PCOS and knew she would require medical treatment and medications to complete her pregnancy. She was actually referring to the medical interventions that she was not ready for.

2.        Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson has appeared in several movies and has bagged Oscar as well. In 1997, she suffered a miscarriage and then battled infertility for many years. She opted for in-vitro fertility (IVF) treatments and gave birth to Gaia in 1999. She had many fertility issues and possibly PCOS that led to those issues.

3.        Victoria Beckham

Unlike many other celebrities with PCOS, Victoria Beckham was never private about her being suffering from PCOS. However, she never let this condition take control of her life. She now takes special measurements to keep her weight under control – many PCOS women find it difficult to control body weight but Victoria has managed to defy the odds. She had her issues with infertility and PCOS, but she is now a proud mother of three sons and a baby girl.

4.        Rebecca Atkinson

The star of "Shameless" went to see her doctor after her makeup artist advised her to and discovered that she has large cysts along her jawline. Though her doctor prescribed acne medication, she insisted on getting more tests done. An ultrasound and blood test later confirmed she was suffering from PCOS. She mentioned she had always been experiencing irregular periods and other PCOS symptoms. The good thing is that her symptoms are mild.

5.        Jools Oliver

She is a published author, TV runner, former model, PA, and full-time wife. She is also a proud mother of 4 children. However, she has had her share of bad luck with PCOS and infertility. She experienced several problems conceiving. She confessed that she had always been suffering from irregular periods and even had polycystic ovaries. She experienced a number of disappointments before being able to conceive. She even took a drug named Clomid to stimulate ovulation and experienced several side effects, such as panic attacks, dizziness, and blurred vision. She did experience some improvement though and finally managed to conceive.

Treatment of PCOS

There certainly are celebrities with PCOS but their experiences show that it is possible to defy the odds and overcome your problems. You can find many treatment options but they mostly lay their emphasis on managing individual concerns, such as acne, hirsutism, infertility, or obesity. It is important to get in touch with your doctor when you feel something is just not right. You may experience improvements by making lifestyle changes and taking medications that your doctor prescribes.

1.        Make Lifestyle Changes

Your doctor will recommend making some lifestyle changes to improve your condition. You will have to take steps to keep your body weight in check. It is important to stick to a low-calorie diet and engage in moderate exercise activities to lower your body weight. Losing weight is important because even a 5% reduction in your weight will help improve your condition.

2.        Take Medications

In some cases, you will have to take medications to treat whatever symptoms you are experiencing. Here are the most common options:

  • Your doctor may give you combination birth control pills that contain progestin and estrogen. Fortamet and Glucophage are the most popular choices.
  • Your doctor may prescribe Clomiphene, luteinizing hormone (LH), and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) medications to treat infertility and help you ovulate. You will be taking these medications by injection.
  • Your doctor will recommend taking birth control pills to reduce excessive hair growth. Eflornithine and spironolactone may also be prescribed to overcome this issue.
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