How to Tease Your Boyfriend

There's no doubt about that fact that arousing your man can instantly spice up your dull sex life. Gentle teasing is a definite turn-on and it can make your relationship a lot more fun than you can ever imagine! Face it - subtle teasing and seduction will take your man from 0 to 100 (in terms of arousal) in no time. And along with these lines, here are 15 turn-ons that will help you learn how to tease your boyfriend and arouse him almost instantly.

Tips on How to Tease Your Boyfriend

You must be so curious about what we will suggest you, so let's go straight to the point:

1. Playful Teasing

While teasing your guy, you need to practice certain amount of discretion. That's because teasing can be fun and can help you get closer, it could also be misunderstood and be hurtful. Teasing based on physical attributes must be avoided at all costs because it can easily be confused as being insulting. If you find that your guy is getting irritated, you need to put the brakes on immediately.

2. Smile

A flirty smile instantly captures your man's attention. Often, smiling in your guy's presence makes him wonder about what you are thinking, and that in itself is the mystery element that you've been searching so desperately in your relationship! Not convinced? Well, a slight lick of your lips while smiling will instantly leave your guy feeling hot!

3. Messaging

When you send your man a naughty text in the middle of the day, it instantly makes him want you. Texting him suggestions for the evening will make him focus on you all the more, leaving him hot and bothered. Since you are not in his presence, texting can allow you to lose all your doubts and inhibitions and you even can make sexy suggestions that are difficult to say to him in words before.

4. Be More Attentive

Men (in general) are not used to getting a lot of attention from their female partners. So, when you start paying your man a little attention, like a subtle touch on the thigh or a wink followed by passionate kiss before he leaves for work, it would definitely spike his interest. This is a great way to let him anticipate and fantasize about events that would occur when he gets home.

5. Public Display of Affection

How to tease your boyfriend? A great way to tease your man would be in indulging in slight public display of attention (PDA). It can include a gentle stroking of his arm, flirting with him in public, sitting on his lap, etc. In short, it means that you are not afraid to display your feelings for your man in front of others.  Indulge in this act can turn him on within seconds!

6. Tease Your Man with Your Perfume

Scents can be powerful turn-ons. Evolutionary studies show that men have been pursuing females based on their natural body odors. Wearing a perfume can uplift your man's mood and increase his desire because with that whiff of scent, he will immediately associate it with you. So for example, if you sprinkle a little bit of your perfume on a hand written letter, it will drive him crazy and the only thing he wants to do is to rush to you and hold you in his arms.

7. Sexy Lingerie

Lingerie goes a long way to tease your man and make him crazy for you. A simple flash of your sexy underwear, especially when he least expects, can instantly arouse him. Or if he's physically away from you, describing what you are wearing underneath your work clothes in a slight whisper or in a text will drive him crazy.

8. Playing Hard to Get

One of the simplest ways to arouse your boyfriend is playing hard to get! The fact that he has to chase you would hone his dormant predator skills and arouse him beyond consideration. Creating a sense of distance can definitely work in your favor – and it’s exciting! Before you indulge in this technique, be sure that you are very secure in your relationship, or this move can backfire!

9. Plant Sexy Thoughts During the Day

Passing simple comments about sexy things and acts would torture your guy and build his anticipation. Telling him in detail what you would like to do or making comments like "Would the floor/counter be too cold for sex?" would leave him drooling for you! Sexy thoughts would fire your man's imagination and encourage you to indulge in techniques that you two otherwise wouldn't try.

10. Eye Contact

If you want to know how to tease your boyfriend, then know that one of the best ways to build sexual tension is to make eye contact! A strong eye contact, especially if you are suggesting something naughty, would instantly grab his attention. Why? Because it's a subtle indication rather than an outright demand. 

11. Dirty Talks

You can spice up your relationship by indulging in dirty talk with your boyfriend. Tease him gently by describing to him what you would like to do in the bedroom. Do not be ashamed to tell him your fantasies as it would make him more eager and excited to fulfill them.

12. Indulge in a Massage

Offering to massage your guy at the end of the day not only can get rid of his tiredness, but also is a simple and effective way to get your man into the mood for something more. Increase physical contact by gently massaging him and also exciting him in the process.

13. Strip-Tease

If the idea of pole dancing and dressing in studded lingerie is something that isn't for you, then indulge in a strip tease! This act is more of a mental exercise than an actual physical one. Wear something that makes you comfortable and looks good. Choose good and sexy music that you can groove to and then just get in the mood. Practicing your moves in front of the mirror would be a good idea.

14. Wear Some Clothing During Sex

If you keep on a piece of clothing, say your knickers, during sex, it can make the act more fun. It does not reveal everything about you and can create a sense of mystery! The fact that your boyfriend needs to work around your clothing can give rise to innovative methods in the bedroom.

15. Flashing

Have you ever considered flashing? Not in the perverted way, obviously. A flash of skin can prove to be sexy and off-limits at the same time, especially when done in a public area. A peek of your inner thigh or lower back can immediately catch your man's attention, leaving him wanting more. 

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