Left Brain Characteristics

There are two hemispheres of our brain. Some children predominantly use one side of the brain, which will make one side of the brain stronger, while the other one will develop more slowly, thus eventually leads to several academic, behavioral, social, and other problems.

Left Brain Characteristics

The left side of your brain processes information and controls learning. It is due to this particular reason that children who use that side of the brain show left brain characteristics and are often more analytical in their thinking. They perform well academically and are able to memorize things with ease. Besides, there are more characteristics:

1. Logic

The left side of your brain is not known for its creativity, but children who use this side predominantly still manage to perform well in tasks requiring critical thinking, reading, speaking, and remembering. The difference is that they will give more importance to logic and investigate a topic thoroughly before writing or talking about it. A left-brained person will always handle a problem in the most logical fashion.

2. Critical Thinking

Left-brained people are just outstanding at mathematics or anything involving critical thinking. These people have great memory, so they use their experience from the past to handle problems at hand. The combination of critical thinking and reasoning make the left-brained a lot more successful and reliable as mathematician as compared to the right-brained people.

3. Speech and Language

Whether it is about expanding their expertise or learning new languages from scratch, the left-brained is always up at the top. The part of the brain that controls hearing is in your left brain, and that is the reason why these people are great listeners and can learn new skills just by hearing instructions. These people can think logically and always have words to express those thoughts in words. This makes them perfect writers.

4. Self-Sufficiency

Left brain characteristics include adapting to their environments quickly and better, which sometimes means that they like to follow rules. Right-brained individuals like to break rules and work using their instincts. It means that left-brainers may not be the most self-sufficient individuals, but they are great at adjusting to new environment.

5. Art

Left-brained individuals may not be the most talented people when it comes to artistic creativity. It does not mean they cannot do anything because their critical, logical, and language-based mind still helps them make an artistic impression. You may not find them creating impressions with abstract art, but they are good when it comes to literal art. They also perform well as photographers and filmmakers.

6. Ideas

Do not expect groundbreaking ideas from left-brainers; they can, however, take a great idea and make it work with their logical and analytical thinking. What it means is that both sides of the brain need to work to generate and initiate ideas.

How Do Left-Brained Children Tend to Behave at School and Home?

Due to different left brain characteristics, you should expect your left-brained child to behave in a certain fashion.

1. Behavior at Home

Left-brained children are usually quite disciplined and keep the same routine, such as eating the same stuff for all three meals. They like to follow directions, keep their rooms tidy, and rarely yell at other children. Another important behavioral trait is that these children are not super affectionate. They think logically and behave that way. They like to spend time alone.

2. Behavior at School

Teachers are often quick to notice which brain characteristics children have. Children who use their lef brain often perform well in studies because they use their analytical skills to move ahead. These children usually excel at details, science, memorization, reading directions, setting goals, and math. These children do not believe in combined study and like to spend time alone. It is important for parents to provide these children with a quiet place to work.

How to Help Left-Brained Children

When you notice left brain characteristics in your child, you may have to take some steps to make things easier for them.

1. Provide Them with Info in Logical Sequences

The most important thing is to provide them with info in logical sequences. You can make lists for them to help them understand things. Teachers can give these students printed or typed directions to help them work more efficiently. These students work great when they have a plan to follow. They also perform well in activities requiring research, analysis, realistic projects, and worksheets.

2. Encourage Children to Sports and Social Activities

It is also important to understand that if a child shows left brain characteristics, it usually means the right brain is weak. These children are socially immature and usually have little interest in outdoor activities and sports. This imbalance may result in behavioral problems, so it is important that teachers and parents encourage these children to take part in sports and socialize with others. It works because scientists believe that the brain is able to grow and adapt. It can create new pathways in different environments, and this may help stimulate the weaker side of the brain, restoring a balance between two hemispheres.

3. Help Children Through Cognitive and Physical Exercises

It is also possible to help these children through cognitive and physical exercises. Dietary changes will also create effects and help correct imbalance. You can find online assessment tools to identify weaknesses and strengths of your child to help them grow into a healthy individual.

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