Is It Bad to Smoke Weed While Having a Cold?

When you are having a cold you often wonder whether smoking weed with a cold is good or it's better if you wait until it is gone. If you have congestion and a sore throat and you are wondering whether to smoke weed with a cold or not then you are at the right place to get the right answers. With the help of this article you will be able to decide which is better for your health.

Could Smoking Weed Help with Cold?

The two main constituents found in marijuana include:

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH)
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)

CBD has non-psychoactive properties but it helps the smoker feel relaxed and calm. TCH brings about physical and psychological effects. It can cause euphoria, relaxed inhibitions, paranoia as well as drowsiness, lack of concentration, and fragmentary thoughts. Smoking weed can also cause side effects like elevated heart rate, increased appetite, dry mouth and red eyes.

Overall, TCH will help you feel better temporarily, however the down side is smoking itself irritates the lungs and may cause irritation to other body organs as well. It is recommended to avoid smoking weed a little when you have a cold because the smoke can be ravaging to the upper respiratory system. If you do want to try, please do it responsibly and do it only when your cold is not serious.

Everyone is likely to have a different effect from using a particular drug. Cannabis can aggravate certain types of pain and can make things totally worse for you. The varying ratios of different cannabinoids present in cannabis can produce a range of effects. This however requires further investigation in order to know which cannabinoid is responsible for which effect. When handing down someone a piece of advice, be sure to keep all of this in mind. Let them decide on their own if they must smoke weed or not because maybe it might work for them or maybe it would make things worse for them. 

Advice and Experience from Others

1. “Regardless what you smoke, smoking causes irritation to the throat anyway. I just combat my cold lately by smoking bud while I was sick. It made me feel high which ultimately made me feel better, so much that I almost forgot how my throat was sore. It also assisted me to get my much needed sleep. To be honest, smoking weed with a cold isn’t an ideal thing to do however it helped me to a great extent. For some people it may shape things horribly by making the throat remain irritated and sore for longer time period.”

2. “I am battling cold at the moment and my chest is pretty much affected. I came to know that bong along with warm water helps a great deal. With warm water filed inside it, hitting becomes less harsh. Therefore I’d like to hand out my personally experienced remedy for fighting cold, that is, bong with warm water, a nice warm cup of lemon tea with honey in it and some vicks rubbed onto the chest to relieve congestion.”

3. “Few months back I was suffering from cold and it was really annoying. I came across this remedy that was shared to me by someone. Frankly speaking, it helped me a great deal. What you need to do is take dayquil, cough syrup, cough drops and small rips from the bong. It worked perfectly for me and I began to feel way better. I was able to breathe through my nose and my headache was greatly relieved. Not to mention how magically it helped me cure my sore throat. By all means, it worked indefectibly for me.”

4. “Smoking irritates your lungs and I’d highly recommend lying off for a bit. When you avoid smoking weed your body aches will be relieved and you will be able to have your beauty sleep. Instead of smoking, you may pour yourself Nyquil in a shot glass or help yourself with a soothing warm bath. This will help you feel better within a couple of days.”

5. “Sharing my very own experience, smoking weed with a cold helped me feel way better. It took care of my throbbing headache and body aches. However I won’t recommend you to smoke weed if you have an aggravated case of flu or related issues. Sometimes things that work for some do not work for others therefore smoke weed when you are sure to have no complicated health issues.“

6. “I honestly don’t think that smoking weed will assist you in combating the common cold in any way whatsoever. However what you may find with smoking weed is comfort. When I’m sick, I smoke because it helps me with the body aches.”

7. “When I had flu earlier, smoking out of a bong or pipe didn’t really work for me. I felt dried inside and smoking sort of made things worse. But when I switched to the vaporizer it totally helped me with my sickness and I felt less dried up while using it because it wasn’t aggravating my cough. However I was particularly sure to clean the whole piece when I was done using it. After every smoking session I regularly cleaned the end of the vaporizer’s whip. Saying that it helped me get over with the flu faster would be a lie but it did help relieve my body aches. I must add that it also helped me get my peaceful sleep at night.”

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