Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Red?

Consumers of weed, or marijuana as it is otherwise known, ubiquitously suffer from redness in their eyes. In some cases, individuals even complain about their eyes becoming redder than Rudolph’s the reindeer’s nose! So why does weed make your eyes red? If you are among the smokers who often worry about eye redness, read this article to find out the cause as well as cure of the red eye after smoking weed. 

Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Red?

The most common reason for eye redness is the THC compound in weed. The THC can act upon the body and the eyes in particular regardless of the form of ingestion. It works by decreasing the blood pressure thereby dilating the blood vessels of the body. Dilated blood vessels lead to increased blood flow around the body. Under low blood pressure, the arteries in the eyeball expand, get filled with blood, and thus cause the redness.

In other instances, some people’s eyes may be more disposed to irritation by the smoke from weed. This is particularly common if the weed is smoked in a closed space that is not properly ventilated. Very rarely, some people are allergic to weed. When this is true, the allergy may be the root cause of redness in the eye.

Some people are more inclined to experience red eyes after smoking weed. When weed is smoked regularly, however, some people may actually develop resistance to its redness-causing effects. It should also be known that the potentiality of weed to cause redness also depends on the ingredients in a particular mix of weed. Some types of weed can cause more redness than others.

How to Deal with the Red Eye After Smoking Weed

Once you've got the answer to the question "why does weed make your eyes red", you may look for the ways to eliminate the redness. Here is what you can do:

1. Stay Hydrated

The first thing to try is to remain hydrated throughout the day when you smoke weed. Eye redness is a sign of lack of hydration, therefore increasing your intake of water can quickly relieve the redness.

2. Use Eye Drops

A second thing you can try is eye drops. It is a good idea to carry such eye drops around at all times, because you may need them more than once in a day. Eye drops work by constricting the blood vessels carrying blood to the eye, thereby preventing the redness from becoming so obvious. Use drops that have lubricants and decongestants in them. Make sure you use your own eye drops to prevent infection.

3. Wear Sunglasses

You can also wear sunglasses if you are afraid the redness in your eyes will be a deterrent in your social encounters. This is particularly useful if you smoke weed during the day because the redness of your eyes may actually persist with exposure to the Sun. With sunglasses, the effect of the Sun’s rays is prevented.

4. Try Natural Remedies

There are also some measures you can take at home in order to get rid of the smoker’s red eye as quickly as possible. Below are some remedies you can practice:

  • Ice pack: Simply use an ice pack on your eyelids, twice a day and five minutes on each eye. Make sure you don’t overexpose your eyelids to the ice pack.
  • Rose water: Take two cotton balls and soak them in the rosewater. Once soaked, place each ball on your closed eyes and leave it there for fifteen minutes. In the absence of rosewater, you can also just use slices of cucumber instead.
  • Bilberry tea: You can also create a reusable eye wash by boiling some fennel seeds in water and then cooling the mixture before washing your eyes with it.

Other Effects of Weed on Your Body

Apart from the question "why does weed make your eyes red", there are questions about the effects of weed on other parts of your body. Once ingested, weed affects every system, including the central nervous system and the immune system. The first component of weed that enters the body is THC which brings changes to the organs as soon as it is broken down by the stomach. The effects of THC will usually last up to four hours. Here are the effects that weed can have on the mind and the body:

1. Physical Effects

Weed increases the heart rate, lowers the blood pressure, and changes the blood sugar levels. It can also irritate the lungs and in extreme cases, cause lung cancer. Other physical impacts of weed can include dizziness, nausea, difficulty in breathing, dry mouth and greater appetite.

2. Mental Effects

Many people smoke weed because its high is accompanied by happiness and relaxed detachment. Other mental effects are also felt immediately and include an unnatural perception of time, varied thoughts, paranoia, depression and anxiety, delayed reaction, and difficulty to remember things.

3. Other Health Risks

When the level of THC in weed is high, the mental effects are also increased, as is the risk for heart attack. When people who have health issues pertaining to the liver, blood pressure, or diabetes, their conditions can worsen and become life-threatening. For men in particular, excessive smoking of weed can lower testosterone levels and the sperm count, thereby negatively impacting fertility. In some extreme cases, smoking weed too often can be linked to suicidal thoughts. 

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