Top12 Amazing Benefits of Almond Milk

You can make almond milk by blending almonds with water and then removing the solids from the mixture. You can also make it by adding water to almond butter. Almond milk has a nutty yet pleasant flavor with texture quite similar to regular milk. One of the many almond milk benefits is that it is suitable for vegans. Let's find out more about its benefits.

Benefits of Almond Milk

You can include almond milk in your diet to enjoy many interesting benefits. It is quite safe for people who are intolerant to dairy. Here are some other reasons to include almond milk in your diet.

1. It Regulates Blood Pressure

By including almond milk in your diet, you will be able to regular your blood pressure in a much better way. You can drink it even when you are intolerant to dairy products. Vitamin D, phosphorus, and other minerals help your veins contract and expand freely to ensure proper blood circulation. You may develop hypertension if something causes blockage within the veins, and regular intake of almond milk will prevent it.

2. It Betters Vision

Vitamin A is essential for healthy eyes and almond milk provides you with enough of this vitamin along with many others. With an increase in the usage of smartphones, computers, and tablets in homes and offices, more and more people are now suffering from vision problems. One simple solution is to include almond milk in your diet and provide your body with vitamin A to keep your eyes healthy.

3. It Strengthens Muscles

One of many benefits of almond milk is that it helps build muscles. You need to eat a balanced diet with foods that contain more of essential vitamins and minerals. You can get riboflavin from almond milk, which is actually a form of vitamin B. It works with iron in the body to promote muscle strength and growth. Moreover, you also get a good amount of protein from almond milk, which is essential for muscle building. It is equally beneficial for your skin and other organs in the body.

4. It Promotes Kidney Health

You may develop kidney problems when you have too much of certain minerals such as potassium and calcium in the body. You do not have to worry about it when drinking almond milk because it contains a limited amount of potassium and phosphorous. If you already have kidney problems, you may already be avoiding food rich in potassium and phosphorus. Both soy products and dairy products are packed with these minerals, which is why you can always replace those products with almond milk. It provides you with important nutrients found in milk without making your kidney problems worse. You can also consume almond milk when you are allergic to soy or dairy products.

5. It Strengthens Bones

The presence of calcium is the reason why almond milk is good for your bones. Your body needs calcium for various functions, and not just for keeping your teeth and bones healthy. It is equally important for nerve function, blood clotting, and a normal heartbeat. You can provide your body with calcium simply by including almond milk in your diet. It will strengthen your bones and lower your risk of osteoporosis. A single serving of almond milk provides you with 30% of your recommended daily intake of calcium, and when you consume it with other foods that also contain vitamin D, it becomes easier for your body to absorb more calcium.

6. It Keeps Your Skin Healthy

One of many benefits of almond milk is that it helps keep your skin healthy. Vitamin E is essential for healthy skin and you get a good amount of this vitamin from almond milk. Almond milk is a good choice also because it contains antioxidants that eliminate free radicals from your body and help repair damaged skin. The good thing is that you can get a good dose of these vitamins whether you opt for the almond milk processed at home or processed commercially. It is also possible to use almond milk as a powerful skin cleansing lotion.

7. It Improves Cardiovascular Health

When you opt for dairy products or dairy milk, you will be getting several vitamins and minerals but you will also be getting loads of saturated fat and cholesterol. Excessive intake of saturated fat can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. Almond milk is a better choice because it does not contain any cholesterol or saturated fat. It provides you with omega-3 fatty acids, which are actually good for your heart and prevent hypertension. You can certainly opt for skim milk, but almond milk will still be a better option.

8. It Boosts Your Immune System

Usually fortified with vitamins E, D, and A, regular intake of almond milk can actually help improve your immunity. You do not get vitamin D from cow's milk, and there may not be enough of other vitamins either. Therefore, almond milk is a superior choice when your goal is to boost your immune system.

9. It Helps Manage Weight

One of the many benefits of almond milk is it helps you lose weight. If you drink a cup of whole milk, you will be consuming 146 calories. You will still get 122 calories if you opt for 2% milk. You get only 60 calories when you opt for the same serving of almond milk. Interestingly, it is even better than skim milk because the same serving contains 86 calories. By replacing whole milk with almond milk, you will certainly be able to cut calories without having to sacrifice the amount of vitamins and minerals. If you continue to slash calories, you will be able to lose weight more effectively. 

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