Can You Have Sex after You Lose Your Mucus Plug?

A mucus plug is a collection of mucus in your cervical canal, which develops during pregnancy and then lodges in the cervix to seal the cervical canal. The mucus plug offers protection against infections by keeping unwanted bacteria from entering your uterus. While cervical mucus already has antimicrobial properties, the mucus plug doubles the protection. It contains the lysozymes that destroy the cell walls of bacteria. When you lose a mucus plug during pregnancy, it may serve as a precursor to childbirth. The plug discharges into the vagina when the cervix opens up for delivery.

Can You Have Sex After You Lose Your Mucus Plug?

Yes, you can have sex until you break your water. If the membranes are not ruptured and you have just lost your mucus plug, it is still possible to have sex without having to worry about anything. You can engage in sexual activities and even go swimming after losing the mucus plug. The thing is that the plug will rebuild itself if you have not already started dilating, as your body needs the plug to keep the cervix closed.

See what moms say about this:

"At 36 weeks, I had a mucus discharge. It did not stop me from having sex. I am now 37 weeks pregnant and enjoying sex without any complications. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor to be on the safe side."

"You need to understand that your water does not break when you engage in vaginal sex. It means that you can continue to have sex even after you lose the mucus plug."

How Do You Know If You Lose Your Mucus Plug or Not?

Many women continue to have vaginal discharge throughout pregnancy. If that is the case, you may find it a bit tricky to tell when you lose the mucus plug. Still, it is possible to know when it happens if you pay close attention to the vaginal discharge – know that it is a mucus plug if it appears thick or stringy and jelly-like. It is possible for the mucus plug to be pink, clear, and or slightly bloody. It will be slightly different from your typical vaginal discharge.

Why It Occurs?

Can you have sex after you lose your mucus plug? Yes, you can, but you may be wondering exactly why you end up losing the mucus plug. It can happen due to many different reasons. It may discharge when the cervix softens open – the cervix become thinner and wider in preparation for childbirth. The plug comes out when the cervix increases in size.

It is also possible to lose your mucus plug during a cervical exam. The same thing may happen when you engage in sexual intercourse. The mucus plug may break free due to vaginal intercourse. It means that you should not always think that delivery is imminent because you have lost your mucus plug. However, it may indicate that your cervix is going through changes and that you should prepare for childbirth. After losing your mucus plug, your cervix is likely to dilate, making it possible for your baby to pass through the cervical canal with ease.

Is There Any Risks? Should You Worry?

While it may be true that your body prepares itself for delivery after dislodging the mucus plug, it is not true that losing this protection would make you vulnerable to infections. You still have a more important protective barrier in the form of a thick bag of waters. It means that even if you lose your mucus plug early, you do not need to worry about vaginal infections.

Can you have sex after you lose your mucus plug? Yes you can continue to have sex, but it is a good idea to take some precautions to be on the safe side. Do not swim in the bath, pay attention to your personal hygiene, and avoid swimming in the sea.

What to Do Next?

To determine how to proceed after losing your mucus plug, you need to pay attention to what it looks like. It is also important to consider how far along you are in your pregnancy. You should tell your doctor about it and be sure to describe it properly in terms of color, size, and overall appearance. Your doctor will consider these factors to determine the way forward.

  • If you are less than 36 weeks pregnant and lose your mucus plug, be sure to tell your doctor about it. They may order tests for further evaluation – they may also examine your cervix and your baby to ensure everything is fine.
  • If you are already 37 weeks pregnant and have lost your mucus plug, you do not need to worry much at this stage. You do not have to call your doctor if you do not have any uncomfortable symptoms. Simply tell your doctor about it at your next appointment. Be sure to call your doctor immediately if you lose your mucus plug and experience some uncomfortable symptoms. At this stage, your doctor will tell you to be prepared for delivery – you will have to watch for signs of labor. Call your doctor if you notice your contractions becoming more regular.
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