Sex Positions During Pregnancy Third Trimester

When you're pregnant, it is obvious to spend a lot of time thinking about your baby. You will make plans about what will happen after your little angel arrives – you have birth plans to devise, strollers to buy, and prenatal vitamins to pop. Besides, something that most expectant moms want to know is about having sex during pregnancy. They have many questions about sex when pregnant. Is it safe? How often should they do it? Which sex positions during pregnancy third trimester? If you're wondering if there is a great sex position during pregnancy third trimester, here you've come the right place!

Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy Third Trimester

Although there are a number of safe sex positions you can try, here are some of the very best for you to try for safe sex during third trimester.

1. Daddy Sporking

As one of the best sex positions during pregnancy third trimester, it is a type of a rear-entry position where one partner will have to lie on one side with knees bent and the man enters the female partner from behind.

2. Mommy Doggy Style

It is obvious difficult for woman to be on her belly due to that baby bump, so the crouching position is the best. The woman needs to be on her all fours with the man taking position right behind her for a rear entry. This lets both partners have greater control during sex.

3. Mommy on the Mountain

Since the woman's body is undergoing several changes during pregnancy, sex can sometimes be a bit painful. It is therefore important for a woman to be in a position to have more control during sex. She can climb on top of her partner and lean forward or backward to manage things better.

4. Side by Side Position

This position can be different from spooning because the position makes the woman turn away from her partner while keeping her legs straight out in front. The legs should be at a 90-degreeangle while making an L-shape with torso. The position may sound a bit risky, for this allows the male partner to enter his partner with greater control.

5. Cautions and Notes

It is true that you can enjoy sex any time during pregnancy, but it is a good idea to stick to some relatively safe sex positions during pregnancy third trimester. In addition, you will be better off not engaging in any sexual activities about four weeks prior to your due date. If you want to enjoy lovemaking even during those last few months of pregnancy, you should keep the following points in mind.

  • Ask your partner to maintain a slower pace.
  • Don't continue with the act if you experience abdominal cramps, spotting, fatigue, or heaviness.
  • Show affection to your partner through kissing and cuddling if you're not in the mood for sex.
  • Try oral sex if you really want to.

Changes of Your Sex Life During Third Trimester

It is obvious to look for the best sex positions during pregnancy third trimesterto be on the safe side. However, it is true that back pain, weight gain, pelvic pressure, and swollen feet during third trimester will greatly change your sex life. Your baby may grow quite large during the last few weeks of pregnancy, which is sure to make you feel exhausted. You will also find it difficult to have a goodsleep at night due to your body weight and baby bump, which again may dampen your passion for sex.

You may also experience other issues such as leaky breasts, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and swollen vagina that may also kill your desire for sex. If you do have a desire to engage in a sexual activity with your partner, be sure to stick to the best sex position during pregnancy third trimester.

FAQs About Sex During Pregnancy

Can My Partner's Penis Be Harmful to My Growing Baby?

Both men and women worry about this, but the answer is no. Your partner's penis won't cause any harm to your baby. It won't even cause your water to break, but you should talk to your healthcare provider if you notice any bleeding after sex, which could be due to increased blood supply to your cervix during pregnancy. And the doctor would do some check to rule out any several complications like premature labor, placenta previa or placental abruption.

Is It True That Sex During Last Few Weeks of Pregnancy Speed Up Labor?

There is no one answer to this question. If you're several weeks away from your due date, sex with your partner isn't going to speed up labor. On the other hand, engaging in a sexual act when you're overdue may help speed things up because semen contains prostaglandins that may soften your cervix and prepare it for delivery.

When Should I Avoid Sex During Pregnancy?

Most couples don't notice anything unusual while having sex up until the labor becomes imminent. There are certain cases when your healthcare provider may want you to avoid having sex with your partner. Be sure to ask your healthcare provider if you should not have an intercourse or you should avoid having an orgasm because you can have an orgasm through masturbation or oral sex as well. You may avoid having sex due to one of the following reasons:

  • You have a history of preterm labor.
  • You have a history of miscarriage.
  • You show signs of preterm labor such as uterine contractions.
  • You notice vaginal bleeding, discharge, or cramping.
  • You notice amniotic fluid leaking.
  • You have a condition in which your placenta covers the cervix.
  • You are expecting twins or triplets.
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