How to Cheer Up Your Boyfriend

If you have tried your best without any success and want to know about cheering up your boyfriend, here are a few things you can do to lift his spirits. When one partner is feeling low the other can get stressed and it is pretty natural to have a strong urge to put the smile back on his face. The most important thing in any relationship is care and understanding and it is best to let your boyfriend know that you are there for him.

How to Cheer Up Your Boyfriend

1.      Give Him a Solution for His Problem

If you think your boyfriend is worried about some problem, try to understand why he is worried and offer some solution. Your solution might not be the best of choices but it might give him a fresh perspective of things and he will appreciate your concern and care.

2.      Offer Him a Head Massage

head massage

If he is really stressed out and is feeling very tense or anxious, offer him a head massage. A soothing head massage is very helpful to relax the mind and it also improves the blood circulation. Whenever someone is feeling low, physical touch is extremely helpful to lift their mood.

3.      Go Somewhere Relaxing With Him

If you really want to know how to cheer up your boyfriend, keep this thing in mind that it is important to show them that you care and a very good way is to go somewhere together. Have a short trip to some place relaxing. You can plan a day trip to a nearby beach or take a hike together. If time is short just go to a park and have a walk or sit beside a lake and watch the sun set. These peaceful moments together will strengthen your bond and he will definitely feel better afterwards.

4.      Tell Him That You Will Always Be There

show love

The most comforting thing for any human being is the belief that someone is there to love them and accept them with all their short comings. This unconditional love is priceless and if you are there for your boyfriend in his highs and lows, he will trust and love you more. Every human being goes through difficult times and people who stay with you in tough times become closer to your heart. Make sure to be with him when he is feeling low and he will definitely do the same for you.

5.      Surprise Him With His Favorite Treat

If you notice that your boyfriend is not in the best of his spirits or he looks stressed and worried, a very good way for how to cheer up your boyfriend is to surprise him with his favorite treat. You can cook his favorite meal or bake some cookies for him. If you are not into cooking just get him something he really likes to eat. Some chocolates or a really nice ice cream sundae can bring a smile to his face.

6.      Get a Present for Him

If you are feeling low, what will make you feel better? A little present, yes, we all feel good when someone gives us something special. This doesn’t need to be something extravagant or expensive; it is just a gesture of love and kindness. If your boyfriend is feeling low you can give him a nice present to cheer him up. It can be a book, something related to his hobbies or even a small handmade card to show that you care for him.

7.      Get Active Together

get active

Another very effective way to cheer up your boyfriend is to do some physical activity together. Being physically active is associated with a lot of health benefits and it stimulates the release of feel good hormones or endorphins. Go for a bike ride together or enjoy a work out session in the gym. If he is into sports take him to a game. If he is feeling very low and doesn’t want to leave the house, you can play some indoor games together.

8.      Get Together with Friends  

If your boyfriend is very social and likes to hang out with his mates, plan a get together with his friends. This will definitely cheer him up. Make sure that he does not drink too much alcohol as this can make him more depressed after a temporary high. If he does not like to be surrounded by many people, do not drag him with you to attend various social engagements.

9.      Enjoy a Little Picnic

Whenever the lead characters of any movie are feeling stressed they pack a basket and go for a picnic. Well, this can work in real life too. If you two want to spend some quality time together, you can enjoy a picnic in the park. Just pack a good picnic basket and fill it with things you both love to eat. Spend some time in the clean air and away from the daily hustle and bustle. This will definitely make him feel better and you will feel great too.

10.  Talk About It

We always hear that men are not that much into talking. This is true to some extent but men also need to talk to someone from time to time. Encourage him to open up to you and try to listen to him and understand his perspective. He might not tell you about his worries because he doesn’t want to over burden you. Reassure him that you want to help him and talk about everything.

11.  Have a Long Drive

If you ask the advice of a man about how to cheer up your boyfriend he will definitely suggest taking him for a long drive. Select a route with scenic views and less traffic and take him for a drive. Put on some nice music and remember the good times. This is very good and has a definitive uplifting effect.

12.  Watch a Movie


Watch your favorite movie together. You can do it over and over again. If there is a new movie which he is being waiting for surprise him and get tickets for two.

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