How to Heighten Your Senses with Simple Ways

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience the world to its fullest? Have you ever wondered how to heighten all your senses? Luckily, there are some easy methods by which you can not only prevent your senses from dulling with age but also make them more acute than ever before.

How to Heighten Your Senses

1. Vision

We often look at something but do not really see what we want. The question here is not really about vision but tuning your mind to be more observant. Pay more attention to the peripheral vision, concentrate on more than one object at the same time and think about what you are seeing. After a while, it will become second nature and you will find that you see more than most people around you.

You should also provide the right nutrition to your body to enhance your vision. Include foods that are rich in vitamins A, C, and E. These are directly related to the upkeep and nourishment of cells involved in vision, color perception and low light acuity. Also, include antioxidant-rich foods/supplements in your diet to protect the vision cells from damage.

2. Hearing

How to heighten your senses of hearing? We have a lot more room for improvement with our hearing than with vision in general. Try to focus on one of the sounds around you, and then focus all the sounds at once. This will help your hearing become more acute.

The nutrition required to heighten your senses include: omega-3 fatty acid containing foods like fish oil which can help to improve the circulation to the ear; and other micronutrients like zinc or antioxidants which play an important role in fighting inflammation as well as reversing the damaging effects of oxidation to the inner ear.

3. Smell

One of the micronutrients that has been directly associated with smell is zinc. If you are wondering how to heighten your senses, then include zinc in your diet. The sense of smell is also very closely linked to the sense of taste, both of which are improved greatly by including zinc into the diet. Some of the foods rich in zinc include scallops, beef (grass fed preferably), lamb, oats, and sesame and pumpkin seeds.

The sense of smell is also greatly improved through practice. Try to isolate individual smells and identify them. It is also recommended to take several short inhalations in between long inhalations to get the full character of the smell.

4. Taste

Taste is an extremely complex sense that actually involves the optimum functioning of the taste buds along with the sense of smell. The ideal way to get the most taste out of your food is to first ensure it is not overly seasoned with sugar or salt. These two ingredients will prevent the more complex flavors from coming out due to their ability to overwhelm the taste senses.

This is why people tend to think of the food as flavorless when the salt and sugar content in their food is cut back; however, once they are adapted to the reduction, then they will appreciate a whole new taste profile that they were missing out on earlier.

Food should ideally be eaten in small bites, crushed slightly with your teeth and then a small amount of air should be taken in with the mouth and blown out through the nose. This will allow both senses to work in conjunction with each other.

5. Touch

How to heighten your senses of touch? Touch is also another sensation that can be fine-tuned considerably with the right amount of training to your mind. A good idea is to gather different objects with varying textures in a bag and then try to identify them with touch. Pay more attention to the various clothing on your body and how they feel to make yourself more attuned to your sense of touch.

To have soft skin is very important in this aspect. Use a pumice stone to remove any calluses you may have, moisturize regularly and avoid excessive exposure to chemicals and sunshine to keep your skin healthy.

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