Do Quantum Vision System Exercises Work?

A man named Dr. Kemp claims that anyone suffering from eye problems can improve their vision without using conventional treatments, such as contact lenses or surgery. Using his so-called “Quantum Vision System exercises,” the most common eye problems suffered by those at any age can be improved or fixed completely. For more information about the Quantum Vision System and whether it works, read on.

Can I Trust Quantum Vision System Exercises? Is It a Scam?

Does It Work?

Probably not. The selling points espoused by the Quantum Vision System are rather vague and eerily similar to other vision system exercises with questionable efficacy.

In fact, there is no scientific evidence to support the claims made by Quantum Vision System. Many other vision system exercises similar to Quantum Vision system have been removed from the market.

Is Dr. William Kemp a Real Doctor?

Highly doubtful. There is very little information available online about Dr. Kemp. Any information that is available is found only in connection to his Quantum Vision System exercises.

Are William Bates’ Findings Valid?

Dr. Kemp claims his Quantum Vision System exercises are based William Bates’ research, presumably to add to Dr. Kemp’s credibility. However, Mr. Bates’ findings have not been supported by empirical research. Dr. Kemp clarifies that his system utilizes principles of quantum mechanics to update Mr. Bates’ research, but quantum mechanics does not currently have applications in ophthalmology.

Fake Review Sites

Most attempts to find objective and credible reviews of the Quantum Vision System are unsuccessful. Instead, searchers are directed to fake or scam review sites that indicate the Quantum Vision System really works. The people trying to sell the Quantum Vision System set up these fake review sites to not only further sell their product, but also dilute and hide legitimate reviews of the Quantum Vision System exercises, as well as complaints or alerts about how it’s a scam.

More You Should Know About Vision Exercises and Their Effects

Even though the Quantum Vision System exercises may or may not work, that doesn’t mean all vision exercises do not work. Individuals are welcome to try and improve their vision using exercises, but they should be warned not to get their hopes up too high. Based on the physical properties of light and the human eye, even if eye exercises work to improve vision, the improvements will not be significant enough to no longer require corrective lenses.

Before any vision exercises are attempted, people will be best served by seeing an eye care professional for a comprehensive eye exam and getting advice on the safety of such eye exercises.

What Do Quantum Vision System Exercises Include?

For those with poor vision, the Quantum Vision System is claimed to improve their vision and is available online in e-book format.

The e-book is comprised of several sections. The first section discusses how conventional techniques for improving vision, such as glasses and contacts, actually harm your eyesight.

The next section goes into how to take care of your eyes and use the special three step system to obtain perfect vision. The three step program involves two 10 minute eye exercises, proper nutrition for optimizing eye health and what you can do to help heal your eyes.

There are also three bonus sections: Quantum Memory, Quantum Reading and Quantum Detector, each of which will help improve your memory, reading speed and be able to detect lies in others.

The following video explains more in detail how to perform Quantum Vision System exercises:

How Can I Ask for a Refund?

Refund Policy

Officially, the Quantum Vision System offers a full refund if requested within 60 days. Refund requests can be made by contacting customer service. However, many people have reported difficulty in getting their refund.

Real Experiences from Customers

Actual customers of the Quantum Vision System aren’t happy. Here are some of their comments:

“Has anyone tried this system? If you weren’t happy with it, were you able to get a refund?”

“I purchased the Quantum Vision System, but it didn’t work after I tried it for about a month. When I asked for my money back per the refund policy, I wasn’t able to get in touch with anyone. This is a SCAM. BEWARE!”

“I tried the system too, but I never got a product. I was told to download the e-book and given a link, but the link didn’t work. I eventually asked for my money back and got it, but only after calling them back multiple times. I’m pretty sure this is a scam.”

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