How to Get Rid of Knot Under Shoulder Blade

Muscle knots develop as a result of repeated motions, such as constant ball throwing, as they trigger contractions of muscle fibers and force them to tighten. Luckily, this condition can be very well treated at home with the help of stretches and other remedies, or with the help of a practitioner who specializes in musculoskeletal injuries.

How to Get Rid of Knot Under Shoulder Blade

1. Do Some Stretching

Two stretches can help you work out your rear and outer shoulder muscles. Here is the first one:

  • Stand or sit with your back straight.
  • Grab the elbow of your opposite arm with your hand from the front side of your body.
  • Pull this elbow towards your chest until you feel that you are stretching your shoulder. 

Here is the second one:

  • Stand or sit up straight.
  • Grab the wrist of the hand located on the same side as the affected shoulder. Remember to reach for the hand from your back.
  • Then pull your wrist until the shoulder has gotten a fine stretch.

2. Make Use of a Handheld Massager

To use a handheld massager, you should first locate where your muscle knot is. The muscle knot feels quite harder than the rest of the tissue around and becomes painful when pressure is applied. Then you can apply the handheld massager over the problematic area for 5-10 minutes. You will need to use the massager regularly to see its effects.

3. Lie on a Tennis Ball

Lying on a tennis ball is far from comfortable, but it will help the knot disappear. Just put the ball right under the painful area, lie on it for 5 minutes, and you will feel better instantly.

4. Apply Moist Heat

Application of moist heat can help deal with shoulder knots, as this heat warms up your muscles, ligaments, and tendons, thus increasing the blood flow to the affected region. You can use grain bags (rice or wheat) that are microwaved, warm baths, steam rooms, as well as various essential oils and herbs to do this job.

In case you opt for a grain bag, just microwave it for two minutes, after which you should apply it to a knot and leave it there for 15 minutes. Repeat at least 3 times a day.

5. Take Pain Killers

Cyclobenzaprine, a type of a muscle relaxant, can successfully minimize the tension related to the knot under shoulder blade. However, it might not fully rid you of discomfort as oral application of this medication does not limit its effects only to the affected region, but rather to the whole body.

So if the pain is unbearable, it is always better to go with anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, which are quite effective but have little to no side-effects. If you don't want to use ibuprofen, you can also apply pain-relieving creams such as Bengay.

6. Invest in a Professional Massage

If above mentioned home remedies don't seem to help, consider visiting a professional massager who can provide deep massage to reduce tension of shoulder muscles, as well as relax you and reestablish your blood flow.

Choose a session that lasts for half an hour long and focuses on the region affected by knots. Let the massager massage you as deep as you can bare, and remember to drink a lot of water after the session.

7. Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture, a technique that consists of needles being stuck into particular parts of the skin, can do wonders for the knot under shoulder blade. As a matter of fact, three 15 to 45 minutes long treatments can be incredibly effective, especially if you decide to go for them soon after noticing the first symptoms.

And if you are scared to try this ancient healing method, don't be! It actually induces the release of endorphins, also known as natural pain relievers that make the treatment pain-free.

8. Pay a Visit to a Chiropractor

Practitioners that specialize in musculoskeletal injuries, or chiropractors, are able to work out any knots, including the one in your shoulder. In addition to knot dissolvent, their areas of expertise also include tight muscle stretching and joint adjustments. Although you may feel relief after one visit to the chiropractor, it is always better to schedule more treatments to ensure desired results.

9. Consult a Physiotherapist

You can also consider seeking help from a physiotherapist. A physiotherapist can introduce you to various exercises and stretches that aid the treatment of your knot under shoulder blade. He/she may suggest you undergo electronic muscle stimulation or therapeutic ultrasound. Normally, a fill session lasts for 4 to 8 weeks and the patient is required to show up for the treatment two to three times a week.

You can also check out this video for how to get rid of a shoulder blade knot.

How to Prevent Knots from Developing

  • Increase your water intake.
  • Make sure your backpack/purse isn't too heavy.
  • Use earphones or headsets for talking on your phone.
  • Stretch constantly and invest in a massage regularly.
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