Pineapple Juice Benefits

It is almost funny how pineapples are believed to have originated in Hawaii, when, in reality, it is a South American fruit, as discovered by Christopher Columbus. The tangy taste of pineapple does not suit everyone’s likings. But, like many other "discarded" fruits and vegetables like bitter gourd, pineapple juice benefits extend far away beyond health and beauty. Scroll down to have an insight of the benefits of this tangy fruit.

Pineapple Juice Benefit 

However unbelievable it may sound, pineapple is one of the most beneficial fruits that we have known of. Here, have a look on the pineapple juice benefits:

1. Provide Abundant Nutrients

It has been noticed that a cup (8 ounce) of unsweetened pineapple juice carries 30 mg of magnesium, 33 mg of calcium and around 130 calories, which is very healthy for a body. Other than that, it contains 25 mg of vitamin C even in raw form (without the addition of ascorbic acid) that is 1/3 of a daily requirement of a woman (75 mg) and more than 1/4 of that of a man (90 mg). Additionally, the tangy fruit carries 0.78 mg of iron that makes up around 10% of the daily iron requirement of a man (A woman’s daily dose extend up to 18 mg). Pineapple contains a multitude of other nutrients as well including vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, copper, manganese, beta-carotene, potassium, folic acid and many dietary fibres.

2. Fight Cancer

Pineapple is a powerful weapon against cancer owing to its high count of antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin A, bromelain, beta carotene, a number of flavonoid compounds, and amazing levels of manganese, which help in superoxide dismutase, an exceedingly potent free radical scavenger that relates to a number of cancers. Additionally, pineapples have been seen as a boon in prevention against mouth, breast and throat cancer.

3. Improve Digestion

Pineapples are especially recommended to those having digestion related issues as they are rich in soluble as well as insoluble fibre which bulks up stool, thus helping against diarrhoea and IBS. Also, the fibres help in the stimulation of digestive and gastric juices in order to have your food dissolve properly. Furthermore, fibres assist in the elimination of unnecessary cholesterol from the blood vessels, keeping your heart clean. A regular dosage of pineapple juice benefits people immensely in the case of irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, atherosclerosis and blood clotting.

4. Reduce Phlegm and Mucus Build-up

We all know the specialty of vitamin C in the elimination of cough and colds, but pineapple carries a special enzyme – bromelain that has the power to reduce building of mucus and phlegm in our respiratory and sinus tracts.

5. Benefit Your Eye

Eyes are considered to be the most cherished sense-organ of the body and pineapples have proved to be very helpful in boosting eye health. In addition, pineapples carry beta carotene that is a sure-shot nutrient in delaying of the age-related deficiency called Macular degeneration, along with many other vision-related troubles. Also, the high number of antioxidants present in the fruit helps in maintaining a good eye sight.

6. Boost Heart Health

Pineapple juice benefits a healthy human heart a lot. Pineapples are a gold mine of minerals, including potassium that works as a vasodilator, helping in easing up tension of the blood vessels that in turn helps in the proper blood circulation in the body. It prevents clot formation and reduces the coagulation of plaque in the arteries and veins. It even carries good amounts of copper that is known for keeping our red blood cells healthy. A high number of red blood cells help in the increment of oxygen in every organ system thus making them function without any hindrance.

7. Strengthen Your Bones

Manganese present in pineapples is the main ingredient that keeps our bones healthy and strong. It has been noted that a cup of pineapple juice carries a whopping 73% of our daily manganese requirement!

8. Make Pregnancy Easier

Another amazing pineapple juice benefits includes prevention of infertility. This antioxidant rich fruit battles against free radicals that are main culprits in damaging reproductive system, making conceiving easier. The vitamin C, beta-carotene and the high number of vitamins and minerals like copper present in pineapples has a positive effect on male and female fertility. The antioxidants help in increasing blood flow and restoring tissue formation in the genital organs. Also, pineapples assist in increasing a man’s sperm count.

9. Soothe Inflammation

Bromelain enzymes present in the fruit works wonders on inflammation by blocking metabolites and breaking down fibrin, thus reducing swelling. It helps in speeding healing process without any irritable side effects. Various studies have found out that a good dosage of pineapple juice is also helpful in fighting colitis–an inflammation of the colon, sinusitis–an inflammation of the para-nasal sinuses and several other internal inflammations.

10. Improve Oral Health

Having pineapple juice regularly is a sure-shot way to minimise your dentist appointments. Vitamin C (that rules the nutrient count in a pineapple) is a major factor in gum strengthening, keeping you free from any oral troubles. Additionally, vitamin C fights against plaque formation and takes down the risks of periodontal diseases and gingivitis.

11. Give You Glowing Skin

Frequent breakouts and acne troubles everyone, but don’t worry, pineapple juice benefits people by drastically reducing one’s pimples and acne, eventually killing them. Thus, they give you a healthy and glowing skin.

Precautions About Drinking Pineapple Juice

Alas, even this wonderful fruit has a few shortcomings just like many healthy food items. Look out for a few most important ones below:

  • Eating too much of pineapples can lead to tenderness of mouth, lips and the cheeks.
  • The high levels of vitamin C in the pineapples can be responsible for nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pains (if consumed in a large quantity).
  • The elevated amounts of bromelain causes skin rashes and excessive menstrual bleeding, and they are even known to interact with a few medications like antidepressants.
  • Consuming an unripe pineapple may result in severe diarrhoea.
  • Having pineapple cores excessively leads to fibre ball formation in the digestive tract.
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