Top 6 Important Reasons to Wear Dentures

More than 30 million Americans wear dentures for a variety of reasons. Regular checkups and proper oral hygiene go a long way in keeping your teeth healthy, but some people simply cannot afford regular checkups and preventive care, which leads to several dental problems. Certain health conditions such as diabetes can cause dental issues. You may also lose teeth in an accident. All these problems can make you wear dentures.


Reasons to Wear Dentures

As mentioned already, people wear dentures for different reasons. While new technology is now available to correct certain dental flaws, wearing dentures is still one effective way to prevent and treat certain dental problems. Here are some reasons why people choose this option.

1. It Boosts Self Confidence

Having a set of pearly whites will make you smile more often and boost your self-confidence at the same time. In some cases, dentures serve as an aesthetic option. It happens when the appearance of your front teeth is not perfect. In this case, you can choose to have dentures before you eventually develop a dental problem. Surveys have found that women who wear dentures say that they have started smiling more after getting dentures. Feeling good about yourself will definitely be a big confidence booster for you.

2. It Helps You Chew and Speak Normally

Some people may have a cracked tooth that can make eating certain foods a big problem. The same may happen when you have cavities, missing teeth, or a gum disease. By wearing dentures early, you can prevent these issues from getting worse and restore your ability to chew normally. Keep in mind that it may take some time to get used to speaking and chewing after getting dentures, but you will eventually learn to do it in a normal way.

3. It Prevents Red, Swollen Gums

Many people develop gum inflammation early in their life and have to deal with bleeding, tender gums quite often. In some cases, gum inflammation leads to gingivitis, which is a serious periodontal disease. Some people benefit from simple teeth cleaning and better oral care, but severe cases can cause bone loss and make you deal with tooth loss. Wearing dentures can resolve these issues and keep you from having bleeding, inflamed gums.

4. It Helps You Look Young

It is quite natural to develop dental issues with age, but developing those issues early in your life can make you look older. With certain dental issues, your facial muscles may collapse and make you look a lot older than you really are. Dentures can provide support to those muscles and help you look young again.

5. It Helps Correct Gaps in Your Teeth

One of the top reasons to wear dentures is that it can help fix any gaps between your teeth. If your teeth are loose or even shifting, dentures may also make a difference. In many cases, your teeth shift position when you have an underlying gum disease. As it is not possible to see a gum or periodontal disease, it is usually difficult to prevent the damage. You may have an advanced gum disease if you already have loose teeth. Most of these issues can be resolved with proper care and dentures.

6. It Helps Correct Missing Teeth

When you have already lost a couple of teeth, wearing dentures is probably a good way to resolve the issue. It is important to wear dentures in this case or you will not be able to deal with the pressure exerted on the remaining teeth. You have to understand that not going for any type of prosthesis when you lose your back teeth but your front teeth are good is not a good idea. Making fewer teeth do all the work can cause all sorts of problems and you may even be losing more teeth soon. For many people, one of the top reasons to wear dentures is to save their other teeth after missing a few.

Oral Care Wearing Dentures

There certainly are benefits of wearing dentures, but you need to bear in mind that you will still have to pay attention to proper oral care. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Be sure to remove your dentures before you go to bed. It applies to both full and partial dentures. By doing so, you will be giving your gum tissue some time to heal. Some people develop irritation and redness on the gums if they keep wearing their dentures all the time.
  • Clean your dentures often. Keep in mind that germs can collect on your dentures and cause infections. Therefore, you should remove your dentures at night and leave them soaked in warm water. Be sure to dissolve an effervescent tablet in the water for proper cleaning. Before wearing the dentures, you should wipe them thoroughly using a wet washcloth. You should wipe properly to remove denture adhesives, food, and bacteria. Avoid cleaning your dentures with an abrasive cleaner or even toothpaste.

Denture Alternatives

There certainly are many top reasons to wear dentures, but some people look for a better alternative. Other than getting dentures, you can try other ways to fix your damaged or missing teeth. For instance, you can opt for dental implants, which is probably the most advanced way to fix your damaged teeth. You do not have to remove it all the time like dentures because they are placed into your jawbone. Over time, the implant fuses with the bone, offering amazing functionality and comfort.

Similarly, you can also opt for porcelain veneers instead of dentures. The option will work wonders to restore your teeth and smile. The procedure involves fixing ultra-thin porcelain sheaths to your teeth to cover cosmetic dental flaws. Be sure to work with an experienced dentist to get good results.

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