Beverages That Help to Quit Sugar

Most people are aware of the fact that added sugar can cause all sorts of health problems, but they still find it difficult to eliminate it from their diet. Added sugar is different from natural sugar that you find in fruits and vegetables. It offers so many calories without offering any added nutrients, which can be damaging to your metabolism. You may end up gaining weight and even develop different diseases, such as type-2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Many people try to quit sugar, but they fail to resist the temptation and return to their old lifestyle. Learning what to drink when quitting sugar can help overcome that temptation. Learn what you do in this regard.


How Much Sugar You can Eat a Day?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer available to how much sugar you should consume in a day. In 2008, it was found that people in the United States were consuming more than 28kg of added sugar per year, and this did not include fruit juices. The latest statistics are not that encouraging either, which is the reason why there is an increase in sugar related issues, such as cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, certain cancers, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, tooth decay, and more.

Interestingly, many people have a high intake of sugar but they do not seem to experience any side effects. As per the American Heart Association, men should not eat more than 37.5g of added sugars a day. Women, on the other hand, should not consume more than 25g of added sugars a day. It means that men should limit their intake of sugar to 9 teaspoons and women should not exceed 6 teaspoons of sugar a day. It also suggests that you should not get more than 100-150 calories from sugar. It can be difficult to control your sugar intake though, especially considering the fact that a 12oz can of coke provides you with 140 calories from sugar.

What to Drink When Quitting Sugar

Once you have decided that you need to limit your sugar intake, you will have to face any challenges. While it is difficult to identify all the sources of sugar, as it is present in healthy stuff like salad dressings and yogurt, the biggest challenge is to deal with your cravings. Your blood sugar levels will fluctuate a lot when you try to quit sugar and this may push you to your old eating habits again. The good thing is that you can drink other things when you feel tempted to consume something sweet. Keep in mind that it is always a good idea to drink water as much as you can to deal with your sugar cravings, but it can become boring making it difficult for you to stick to your plan. Here are some other things to try.

1. Opt for a Chai Tea Latte


It is a great option especially when you are craving hot chocolate. You should be avoiding hot chocolate because it contains sugar-laden syrups, sweetened whipped cream, and whole milk. A cup would offer about 400 calories with more than 40g of sugar per serving. You will be much better off opting for a chai tea latte because it provides you with the natural sweetness of the tea and helps you get some protein as well. You are getting no more than 130 calories if you opt for nonfat milk – it provides you with 13g of protein with no added sugar.

2. Opt for Flavored Water

While you will be better off drinking plain water, you can opt for flavored water when you find it difficult to resist the temptation to drink soda. You get about 150 calories from a 12oz can of soda, and it provides you with about 40g of sugar. People think that they can drink diet soda without having to worry about its harmful effects, but that is not true because even diet soda would contain sweeteners, artificial colors, and preservatives. Flavored water contains natural fruit oils and essences. You can get flavors like watermelon, blackberry, crisp apple and much more.

3. Try an Americano


Another good way to resist the temptation to have an energy drink is to opt for an Americano. You get about 160 calories from a 12oz energy drink – it provides you with about 37g of added sugar along with loads of caffeine. A much better option would be to reach for an Americano because it does not contain any sugar or calories. You can also consider adding some unsweetened milk to it that neutralizes the bitterness.

4. Try Unsweetened Iced Tea

You have to bear in mind that iced tea is loaded with added sugar, so it is better to avoid it as much as possible. However, if you have just started your battle against added sugar, you may find it difficult to eliminate iced tea from your diet. You need to understand that a 500ml bottle of iced tea offers about 160 calories with 43g of sugar. A better alternative would be to switch to home-brewed unsweetened ice tea. You can continue to drink your cup of tea without having to worry about losing the battle against the white stuff.

5. Try a Yogurt-Fruit Smoothie


If you are hooked on a chocolate milkshake, you may be wondering what to drink when quitting sugar that comes from your glass of milkshake. A better alternative is to enjoy a yogurt-fruit smoothie. You may get about 700 calories from a typical milkshake along with 60g of sugar. You can make a smoothie by blending Greek yogurt with some nut butter and frozen berries. It will provide you with the same icy, creamy consistency that you get from your milkshake without making you load up on sugar. It also provides you with some protein as well.

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