How Many Times Can You Masturbate?

Based on various research findings, masturbation is among the commonly practiced sexual activities around the world. Masturbation is the stimulation of genital organs by touch. Both men and women can masturbate or masturbate one another. Being one of the most popular sexual activities, there are many myths surrounding the activity. For instance, there are claims that masturbation can lead to hair growth on palms, insanity and blindness. Additionally, the doubt of how often one should masturbate is still lingering in the minds of many people across the globe. In a bid to clarify such absurd claims and answer such questions, this article will touch on the various aspects of this practice.

How Often Should I Masturbate?

There is no such a thing as the ideal number of times one should masturbate in a day or even a week. As such, you should not worry about the number of times you masturbate, but rather how well the frequency fits your lifestyle. If you are masturbating many times in a day, but are still living a healthy life, then the frequency is good for you. However, if your frequency of masturbation is affecting other aspects of your life, like making you give up sex with your partner or causing you to miss work, you will need to see a sex therapist. Just like with any other form of addiction, compulsive masturbation can affect your life in a number of ways. The following table, compiled by National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, shows how often males and females at different ages masturbate.

Other's Opinions on "How Often Should I Masturbate?"

Basically, masturbation is a normal thing in the society and you are the only one who can determine the frequency of masturbation that is ideal for your body. There are men who claim to masturbate 3 times in a day and about 5 days in a week. This may be a high frequency and allowing more time to pass before masturbating again can make the activity more enjoyable.

However, this is not meant to encourage masturbation. Some say while sexual drive is natural, it can be very powerful. Rather than increasing your frequency of masturbation, you should consider redirecting this energy to other things, such as sports, career or hobbies. This will ensure that you lead a healthy and happy life.

Other FAQs About Masturbation You Want to Know

Masturbation is normal and can help you understand what pleases you sexually and what does not. Additionally, men can use masturbation to train and gain more control over their orgasms. For the ladies, masturbation may be used to understand what helps them achieve orgasms. There are more things about masturbation you should know.

Masturbation Isn't That Safe

Basically, masturbation is considered to be a safe practice; it will not cause hair to grow on your palms, blindness or insanity. Additionally, masturbating will not make you pregnant. However, masturbation can be harmful to your body if not properly done.

  • It can lead to transmission of sexually transmitted infections. This happens when you touch the genitals of an infected person and then touch yours. Additionally, transmission of STIs can happen if you share your sex toys with an infected person. To prevent this, you should use a new condom on the toys every time you use them or wash them before using them.
  • Masturbating in a face-down position exerts more pressure on the penis, leading to injuries and other problems. To avoid this problem, you should masturbate while standing, sitting or lying on the back.
  • Using force to stop the flow of semen - while ejaculating, you should avoid squeezing the penis to prevent the flow of semen. Not only will this damage the nerves and blood vessels in the penis, but will also force semen into the urinary bladder.

Does Masturbation Influence Your Sperm Count?

We have known that the question "how often should I masturbate" doesn't really have an answer. But can masturbation affect your sperm account?

Masturbation, regardless of the frequency, will not affect the number of sperms you produce. This is mainly because sperms are continuously produced in the bodies of men. However, it will take some time after one ejaculation to be able to ejaculate again. This is normal and is not an indicator that your sperms are becoming depleted.

Why Masturbation Is Needed?

The main reason why people masturbate is for fun. The other benefit associated with masturbation is that it gets rid of the old sperms in the body, allowing for new ones to be formed. If you are looking forward to impregnating a lady, you may need to remove the accumulated sexual fluid in the body by masturbating a couple of days prior to sexual intercourse.

Why Masturbation Makes Me Guilty?

Many people feel guilty about masturbation and questions like "how often should I masturbate" can never be asked out for the embarrassment. But why is this?

In the olden days, young people were told absurd things about masturbation to discourage them from masturbating. Although no one tells you such kind of things these days, it is still discouraged in many societies across the world. If encouraged, people will engage in it and feel sexually satisfied. This will in turn cause them to lose interest in the opposite sex, hence not mate.

What Are Wet Dreams Mean?

Also referred to as nocturnal emissions, wet dreams are orgasms experienced by some males as they sleep. Such orgasms may be brought about by dreams that are sexual in nature or not. Wet dreams are not an indicator of sexual desires, but rather the need of the body to get rid of excess sexual fluids, including prostate fluids and semen. On average, about half of men in any population experience wet dreams at some points of their lives. Normally, males between the age of 12 and 15 years experience wet dreams about once every 10 days. Interestingly, masturbation can reduce the frequency of wet dreams.

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