7 Techniques for Knocking Somebody Out

In sports it's a moment every fighting fan waits for, the knockout punch. Doctors will label it a concussion; however, for everyone else a knockout punch is a hard punch that renders your opponent unable to continue fighting. Moreover, it's an impressive and awesome sight, but do you know ways of knocking somebody out? The anatomy of a knockout punch is a baffling, and incredibly quick series of actions and decisions made by a fighter's mind and body.

Warning: A knockout punch not only can kill some participants, it can also break bones and inflict permanent brain damage in people who have had a substantial number of head blows.

How to Knock Someone Out

One-punch knockout is what's considered in sports-fighting as a clean knockout, meaning that the fist connects with the temple, jaw or chin, and the fighter is instantly knocked out. The blow to the head rattles the brain, and jostles back and forth against the front, back, or sides of the skull causing unconsciousness.

1. Punch in the Jaw 

If you are right handed, begin by putting your left leg forward, (use your right leg if you are left handed). Bend your right knee, (left knee if left handed), slightly as you keep it behind you. You should be able to loosely bounce in this position.

Remember to stay calm, and breathe while focussing in on your opponent's jaw or the middle of the chin.There is a nerve you will want to hit by striking the jaw and damaging the nerve. If done correctly, and with enough force, you will knock your opponent out.

When you are ready to deliver the punch, in one swift motion bring your right arm to your side while twisting at your waist. Stay loose until the final moment; and right before you land the punch, tighten your body while swinging towards the jaw or the chin.

There are two ways you can accomplish this:

With an uppercut

An uppercut is a short swinging linear blow with your arm slightly bent, and directed upward towards the chin. The goal is to snap your opponent's head straight up and backwards.

With a sideswipe

A sideswipe blow is to strike with a sweeping circular stroke, or a glancing blow along the side of the jaw or chin that causes your opponent's head to snap to the side resulting in unconsciousness. Remember to follow through with your punch after striking.

2. Punch in the Temple

How to knock someone out? The temples are located along the sides of the forehead, behind the eyes, and they are the weakest point of the skull. It is also the location of a major pressure point that, if targeted correctly, it will cause the brain to bounce violently against the skull, rendering your opponent unconscious.

The roundhouse punch is a technique that connects from a circular arc, and the devastating power of the punch is typically driven with hip rotation. Delivering the punch is similar to the sideswipe except you will want a more direct contact on the temple, and twisting your hips generates more force to the punch. Remember to bend your wrist slightly inwards to make sure that the punch is delivered with the knuckles, as opposed to just slapping them with your palm, and even more force is generated by putting some of your weight behind the punch.

3. Try Leg Kick

Leg kick could be a choice if you want to know how to knock someone out. The leg kick is executed by standing in a solid stance with both feet slightly, but equally apart. You will then lift the knee forward targeting the jaw or chin, while keeping the shin and foot hanging freely or pulled towards the hip. Deliver the blow by thrusting the leg in a straight up motion in front of you, and strike the target area.

4. Target the Nose

Below the nose and above the lips are a cluster of nerves that if struck, will result in severe pain and watery eyes. This will temporarily immobilize your opponent and render them vulnerable to more strikes.

Caution, you'll need to be careful when delivering this punch because you could drive the nose cartilage into the brain, resulting in death.

5. Strike the Neck

A sudden blow to the carotid artery on the side of the neck can cause a knockout, or even death due to a sudden drop in blood pressure in the brain. Furthermore, a strike on the wind pipe can have your opponent gasping for air, or even render them unconscious.

6. Blow to the Stomach

A blow to the solar plexus is very painful, and a hard blow can even damage the nerves. The solar plexus also serves the diaphragm, and a punch in the stomach causes the diaphragm to spasm, which knocks the wind out of you making it difficult to breathe, making it one of the ways for how to knock someone out.

7. Try Top of the Head

There is a good reason why the top of the head is off limits to sport fighters. The top of the head is a vulnerable place for any punch, but because the top ofthe headis the last area of the skull to form after we are born, any hard blows to this area can cause irreparable harm. It could cause internal haemorrhaging in the brain that may not be immediately noticed, and eventually lead to coma and death.

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