What Is Sex Like for Girls?

A great deal of men and occasionally a few young girls ask the question, "What does sex feel like for a girl?" Some women already know first-hand what sex feels like. However for the rest of people, it is really hard to know the feeling. Since the feeling can vary from person to person, this article will give a general introduction of it, as well as sharing some women's experiences.

What Does Sex Feel Like for a Girl for the First Time?

Generally, it is uncomfortable and painful because of the hymen and anxiety, even though it can be comfortable, pleasurable and fun for some people. If you want a pleasurable and relatively painless first time experience, make sure you are with a trusted partner and relaxed, or use lubrication. Communication is essential in order to avoid pain from going too fast, with too much pressure or nervousness. Perhaps lubrication, a different position, or having your partner slowdown will help relieve the pain. There may be some bleeding due to the torn hymen. It is natural and shouldn't last very long. If the pain and bleeding persist after the sex is over, however, it’s important that you consult with a nurse or your physician.

What Does Different Kinds of Sex Feel Like for a Girl?

To answer "What does sex feel like for a girl" you should know sex comes in many different forms, and the feeling can be a little different. While each sexual act is different, the goal is the same – sexual pleasure. Here are some different forms of sex and girls' feelings that are associated with them.

1.  Vaginal Sex

Most people think of vaginal sex as "traditional sex."More specifically, it's the insertion of a man's penis into a woman's vagina.

Girls' Feelings:

"Vaginal sex sometimes does not lead to an orgasm by itself because of the placement of the clitoris. However, it can still be very pleasurable and fulfilling, in fact, even more so than the orgasm itself. If I have already had an orgasm before vaginal sex, when my partner's penis is inside my vagina, it often feels like an extension of the orgasm. "

2.  Oral Sex

The stimulation of the genitalia by one person to another person using the mouth, including the lips, tongue, teeth or throat is called oral intercourse. Oral sex performed on a female is called cunnilingus, while oral sex performed on a male is called fellatio.

Girls' Feelings:

"I absolutely love it when it's done to me by someone decent who is willing to put forth an effort into pleasing me. The feeling of oral sex can be just as intense as vaginal sex, and just the thought of cunnilingus can be just as mentally exciting as fondling before sex."

"It's wonderful when your partner knows what they are doing or at least willing to take instruction. Oral sex is disappointing when someone thinks they're good at it and don’t respond to my physical or verbal hints. I prefer partners that are willing to listen and respond to the things I like."

3.  Anal Sex

Anal intercourse is the insertion and thrusting of an erect penis into a persons' anus and rectum for sexual pleasure.If you think about having anal sex, preparation is the key to success.

Girls' Feelings:

"My experience with anal sex is that it is more uncomfortable than painful, but it can also lead to orgasms. I feel that with plenty of lube, slow gentle motions, and a little patience from my partner. I find that I experience a much stronger climax than traditional intercourse." 

"Actually, my first sex experience was via anal sex because my boyfriend was Catholic and wanted save it for the marriage. I felt it a little exciting and not that painful as others have said because I totally trust him and was very relaxed. The discomfort and pain may be too much for some people, however. One friend of mine shared that she had tried a few times with her partner but only failed every time. No matter how much lube they used, the pain became just unbearable. So I think the key apparently is to learn how to relax."

What Does Female Orgasm Feel Like?

When someone asks "What does sex feel like for a girl" maybe she just wants to know what orgasms feel?

Scientifically, in the excitement phase of sex, muscle tension increases, the heart rate quickens, and breathing is accelerated. Your nipples become hardened or erect, and blood flow to the vagina increases. The vagina begins to swell from the increase in blood flow. Your clitoris becomes more sensitive as breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure continues to increase. Muscle spasms begin to occur in the feet, face or hands as tensions increase. In the last phase, involuntary muscle contractions begin, and breathing is at its most rapid point, culminating in a sudden release of sexual tension or orgasm.

But you should know the orgasm feeling can be varies from person to person. Following are some experiences that women have shared on how orgasm feels for them.

"I almost blacked out from one orgasm. It began with muscle spasms, and then my head began to spin as my body started shaking uncontrollably. When it happened, it felt like an eruption going off down there." - Robyn

"The tingling sensation I felt throughout my body was overwhelming. I became light headed, and my vision became blurry. All I felt was an amazing sensation from my clitoris." - Amy

"I knew when the orgasm had started because every muscle in my body began to tighten. My upper thighs began to quiver as I broke out into a light sweat as the orgasm overtook me." - Patty

"It felt like every ounce of my sexual energy was sucked out of my vagina. It started from my feet and fingertips, and then spread throughout my body." - Tamara 

"My breathing becomes irregular and I can't focus on anything. I just want to enjoy the explosion that's erupting throughout my entire body." - Brenda

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