Why Do Orgasms Feel Good?

An orgasm is the peak or the highest point of your sexual response cycle, which is the result of sexual stimulation of any form. You feel great when you reach a climax or orgasm, which is often accompanied by a series of rhythmic contractions in your genital muscles. Most people want to know how to have a strong orgasm, but others may wonder "Why do orgasms feel good?" Keep reading to find out more about it.

Why Do Orgasms Feel Good?

During a sexual response cycle, you will experience sexual excitement or sexual energy building inside your body, which is released in rhythmic muscular contractions in your pelvic region when you reach your orgasm. You can also take it as a physiological response of your body after sexual stimulation. The more excited you are, the higher the flow of blood will get to your sexual organs. You call it an orgasm when all the extra blood is released at once.

In males, an orgasm is the result of physical sexual stimulation of the penis and they reach their climax with an ejaculation. In women, an orgasm is the result of clitoral stimulation in women. You can stimulate these sexual organs through masturbation or through penetrative/non-penetrative sex with a partner.

Irrespective of the way you choose to reach an orgasm, you will experience certain changes in your body when you reach the climax. How orgasms feel like is quiet unique and personal, but common experiences exists, including a feeling of warmth, changes in breathing, body vibrations, sweating, altered consciousness and an urge to cry out. You may even feel happy, flushed, giddy, or sleepy after an orgasm mainly because the act releases endorphins into your bloodstream.

9 Tips on How to Have Better Orgasm

Now that you know the answer to "Why do orgasms feel good?" it's time to learn a bit more about how to make you feel even better when you reach your climax during sex.

1. Don't Fake It

You should stop faking orgasms if you're not getting there. Don't think it will make your partner happy. You need to be open about it, so your partner could try something else to help you get there. If you fake it, your partner is never going to try something different, and you will suffer in silence. So, the first rule to have better orgasms is to communicate better with your partner.

2. Find Out What You Like

Masturbation is a great way of knowing your body. It helps you identify what makes you feel great, and once you know it, you can also guide your partner and make your sex sessions even enjoyable for both of you. You can masturbate in front of a mirror, which will help you know your body better and even help overcome any shyness you feel about your body.

3. Use Your Sex Muscles

Why do orgasms feel good? One answer could be that you feel great when your tensed muscles relax during sex. In other words, muscle tension determines how strong your orgasm is going to be. You can make your sex muscles stronger by using Kegel exercises. These exercises involve muscles in your pelvic flood that you use when you want to stop urine flow. You can perform Kegel exercises anywhere without anyone else finding out about it. You can, however, start by holding those muscles for three seconds and then releasing them for three seconds as well. Repeat at least ten times a day for good results.

4. Use Your Words

Learn to say naughty things to your partner while you two engage in a sexual activity. The words you say will help make both of you feel hot, and that's mainly because this will build up arousal and lead to a strong orgasm. You can simply talk about how you feel when your partner touches you – or it can be something porn-y in nature if that works for you.

5. Use Your Toys

Introducing sex toys into the act will help you reach your orgasm faster. Both partners can use sex toys together to feel better. You can also try lube to reach your orgasm faster, and it is more of a necessity now considering that 50% of people say they reach orgasm easily when they use lube.

6. Learn the Art of Delayed Gratification

Okay, it's not an easy art to master, but you can definitely try. All you have to do is to delay your orgasm on purpose to have a more intense orgasm later. You need to stop when you are really close to climax. Simply slowing down will also help. Now, resume and you will have more powerful and satisfying orgasms.

7. Look for Your G-Spot

Women have G-spot and men have prostate, an equivalent to the G-spot. Learn to stimulate it right to reach a powerful climax. Sometimes, a little anal probing will help stimulate the prostate and let you enjoy a better orgasm.

8. Focus on Your Partner's Body

Sometimes, you lost in how you feel while having sex and forget about focusing on your partner's body. You need to play with each other's body and concentrate on the physical sensation to have a stronger orgasm.

9. Breathe Deeply

Deep breathing will help you last longer in bed. You have to learn to slow down your breathing to make your sex experience better. When you're about to reach an orgasm, your breathing will become faster. Keep it under control and you will be able to last longer and end with a strong orgasm. 

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