Zeal for Life Reviews

When looking for a weight loss supplement, consider one that has the backing of science and nature. It is claimed that Zeal for life's supplements use naturally occurring beneficial ingredients, such as caffeine and whey protein, that have been scientifically shown to help stimulate weight loss. With their compact size, it is possible to enjoy all these benefits in an easy to swallow – and easy to take anywhere – product designed to promote better health.

Zeal for Life Reviews

There are new supplements on the market everyday, but Zeal for Life's products have been helping people with weight problems for almost 20 years, giving them a long history of reviews, both positive and negative.

Negative Zeal for Life Reviews

Highl blood pressure

"I'm in my 50s and don't have any problems with blood pressure but when I started zeal for life I began to have problems. After the first serving I thought maybe I just had seasonal allergies, but after the second day I felt faint. My limbs were tingling, and I went to the doctor because I started to get scared! When my doctor checked my blood pressure it was through the roof, and she thought that the ingredients in Zeal for Life might have contributed. I stopped taking it and started to feel better, and now my blood pressure is back to normal. Definitely be careful if you try Zeal."

Constipation and bloating

"My friend said good things about Zeal for Life and lost a lot of weight using it, so I figured I would try it. I gave it two weeks, but felt tired and grumpy, and was constipated and gassy. I thought maybe it was something else so I tried the product for another week but I still felt the same way. I've talked to people who have used it and no one else had these problems, in fact they always talk about how much weight they loss and how much energy they get. I didn't have that experience, but everyone is different, I guess."

Anxiousness and uneasiness

"A close family member uses this product, and he's lost a bunch of weight and feels like it has helped other problems like carpal tunnel. He gave me some samples and I was really looking forward to trying it. Here's the thing, I drink a lot of caffeine and the amount of stimulants in this product made me feel jittery for the rest of the day. I also don't like that it has appetite suppressants, because that keeps me from eating the nutrition I need! It also tastes like Red Bull, which I hate, and has a weird after taste. All in all, not a match for me, and I can't force my body through that."

Heart problems

"Everyone at my church takes Zeal but I got sick for months after taking it and now I have heart problems. My blood pressure is constantly going up and down and my heart keeps palpitating, and I worry that my adrenal grand is affected. I took it for three weeks but started shaking so much I went to the ER, and they said everything was okay so I kept taking my Zeal until I ran out. After I stopped I started feeling better. Since I had heard so much good stuff about it I started taking it again about a year later, but after three weeks started having the same problems again. Even though I stopped taking it right away, I still get dizzy and my blood pressure is all over the place."

Withdrawal symptoms

"My experience with Zeal was terrible. I took it for three weeks and felt like I had more energy overall, which was great. Once I ran out I didn't get more, but after I stopped taking it I felt absolutely terrible, kind of like I had a horrible hangover for 2 weeks. I was dizzy and weak, and had crazy heart palpitations. I couldn't leave bed because it was almost as though I had been poisoned. I bought Zeal in a clinic and didn't look into the company, but now I see that others are experiencing the same thing I did. This is a pyramid that has impacted my life negatively."

Positive Zeal for Life Reviews

"I had heard good things about Zeal for Life but I usually stay away from anything that sounds too good to be true. My wife and I started using it and immediately got more things done and had more energy during the day. In fact, we were so happy with it that we signed up to be consultants to give samples to others. I've had such great success that I love to tell other people about it, but we never like to push it on anyone! The protein shakes are great to replace meals with and they are satisfyingly sweet."

"I never drink caffeine because I'm so sensitive to it. Seriously a soda will put me on edge. But since I have been taking this product I feel like I have tons of energy but am never jittery. I even feel like it has helped me sleep better during the night, and some of my other health problems have disappeared. I lost over 20 pounds in a month, and I even think I might start selling it because it is such a great product."

"One of my friends tried Zeal and I wasn't sure about it but she had such good results that I had to try. That was 6 months ago and since then, I take it everyday! I have never looked or felt better, and have lots more energy. I feel like my appetite is more appropriate for my body, and I even feel like my mood has improved overall. I highly recommend everyone to try it."

"I absolutely love Zeal for Life, and both my sister and I have had amazing results with it. My blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels are better, and my sister has endocarditis and she can literally move again. She took it for three weeks and actually started getting better, and now 9 months later her doctors have even reduced her medications. I don't really understand why people knock this product, because my family has become better while taking it."

"I have had great results with Zeal for Life, and I think people should consider it as a great way to get good antioxidants and probiotics. Some of the negative reviews out there seem a little suspicious because sometimes competitors like to post fake ones to discourage customers. I think everyone has different reactions to the ingredients in the product, but it is definitely a great wellness drink!"

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