Another Word for Penis

Calling manhood with a variety of names has now become a fancy trend in the modern world. Different names are now used such as Russell the muscle, Hercules, Johnny, troy, the rock etc. This trend of using another word for penis was observed by different retailers and researchers. One of the highlighted study revealed that seven out of ten men have opted to name their manhood a different name other than penis.

Top Ten Names for Penis

When lookiing for another word for penis, one popular study concluded that 73 percent of the male opt to rename their penis. Approximately 70 percent of the men want to give it a masculine name such as Russell, the muscle but keeping this aside one name which has gained a lot of popularity in renaming of penis is “Troy”. Some of the names which are placed in the top ten list as an alternative name for penis:

  1. Troy
  2. The rock
  3. Dave
  4. Wendell
  5. Johnny
  6. Wilfred
  7. Hercules
  8. Jerry
  9. Randolph
  10. Russell the muscle

15 Other Names for Penis in History

Green’s dictionary of slang is a historical comprehensive book based on slangs. According to Jonathan Green, different metaphors are being based on foods as weaponry items were very famous since decades. Here is a list of fifteen classiest slangs terminologies used for penis in the past 60 decades.

Another word for penis


Generating tool

Used in 1653

Gentlemen usher

Used in 1719


Used n 1783

Silent flute

Used in 1720

Staff of life

Used in 1836

Master John Good fellow

Used in 1653

Matrimonial pacemaker

Used in 1708

Arbor vitae

Used in 1732

Mr. Peaslin

Used in 1883


Used in 1895

Rule of three

Used in 1720

Don cypriano

Used in 1653

Pioneer of nature

Used in 1653


Used in 1621


Used in 1653

Other Words for Penis and Their Origins

Think the list of another word for penis is finished? No! There are plenty more!


The word member is derived from an Indo-European source which refers to the word “flesh”, most of the people assume that this term is somewhat related to remembering. However, remembering comes from an entirely different source while this member is derived from Indo-European language meaning flesh.


The word cock has originated from an English background, this term was conventionally used for a bird before identifying it to be used instead of penis. This term “cock” refer to the classic condition of the bird which when become aggressive, the blood flow towards the neck and comb of this bird increases causing the color to appear more pink and swelled,just like that of a penis when aroused.

Peter, Johnson

Both of the terms originated from Greek language. Meaning of “peter” in Greek language refers to stone, which refers to the hardness of penis when fully erected while Johnson is also one of the most renowned word used for penis in 19th century.


The term was mostly used during sixteenth and seventeenth century. Prick refers to tearing or piercing something into action. This is because the penis pierces the vagina (hymen) and ultimately the women become sexually stimulated.


The term “putz’ has been originated from two different languages—German and Yiddish. The meaning of putz in both the languages refers to “ornament”, a decorative item. The word was more commonly used as slang rather as the location of penis in the male body is more like a decorative function.


This word also originated from Yiddish history. Schlong refers to the meaning “serpent” which means to anticipate a thing.


This word appeared in sixth wife’s comment and a song’s title. In sixth wife’s comment the women uses this term “ware” to indicate the length of his husband’s penis but still he is unable to erect. This term also refers to other meanings such as nice package or specifically male genital organ.


The term was originally from Old English, and has been used a lot of times in Shakespeare’s plots. Weapon refers to the word an eager penis, which in many terms also used for young men. Shakespeare in his different scenes used this word as sexual weapon and that the eagerness of the penis must be satisfied by getting a wife. One of the scenes in Romeo and Juliet represents this word, referring penis as sword.


This term is used in many countries. The word “pudding” refers to the juice or cum. It also refers to mixture of sperm in some cultures.


The word is being used by many countries but originally it belongs to England. In different eras the word “doodle” has been used for penis referring different meanings such as at one place it refers to small penis or like a child’s penis or very simple penis. On other hand it is also used in reference to its appearance like that of a noodle (pasta shape). While the third meaning is originated from the word cockadoodle, where cock is a specific term for penis so people tried to make a humorous form as “cockadoodle”.


Weiner is a term originated from English language. In early centuries this term refers to human penis. In modern world the term is also being famous as a food item, Vienna sausage, due to the specific appearance of sausage and its shape.

Latino Names for Penis

Here is list of Latino names for penis with their meanings




A universal standard word used for penis


Used in Mexico meaning rod


Used in Cuba meaning male organ


Used in Dominican republic meaning bad one.


Used in Spain meaning turnip


Used in Chile meaning clever


Used in brazil meaning baby chicken


Used in Argentina meaning prick


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