Step by Step Guide for Coital Alignment Technique

There has to be clitoral stimulation for a woman to climax. Unfortunately, this may be more difficult than one would think because there are only a few nerve endings in the vagina. These nerve endings are located within the first two inches. If there were more nerves located throughout, childbirth would be so much more painful.

Since there are so few nerve endings, more than intercourse is needed to achieve an orgasm. However, sex can be much more orgasmic with positions specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris, such as the coital alignment technique.

What Is Coital Alignment Technique?

The simple in and out motion of the penis during intercourse is not enough to reach a full orgasm. This is because the clitoris and G spot are not stimulated by the motion. Achieving orgasm during intercourse helps ensure the sex is more satisfying for both the woman and the man.

Coital alignment technique (CAT) is a way that can help women to reach orgasm more easily during intercourse, thus improving sex for both individuals. CAT has been proven to be the most effective way to speed up the woman's orgasm or create an orgasm that occurs at the same time as the man's.

Step by Step Guide for Coital Alignment Technique

  1. Begin in basic missionary position. You can achieve this by lying on your back with your legs slightly spread so he can get in between your knees. Traditional missionary position has your partner with his pelvis facing forward and his body slightly raised while supporting himself on his hands.
  2. Move into the cat. Your partner will lower himself and evenly distribute his weight between his forearms, elbows, thighs, upper knees. He will be lightly on top of you as he relaxes his muscles. Without crushing you, he is to maintain as much body to body contact as possible.
  3. He now slides his body upwards toward your head with his hips angled downward. Keep as much contact internally and externally as possible. His shoulder should reach your jaw while his pelvis aligns with yours. Keeping his hips angled down, the base of his penis will rub against your clitoris.
  4. Rock and ride. This is not to be done in a thrusting motion; rather, it is supposed to be a slow, sensual rocking motion. Find this angle by rocking your hips together. Keep in mind that most of his penis will be out of you as the shaft needs to be rubbing on your clitoris. However, you do want to keep at least the tip of the penis inside you to allow your vagina some pleasure too. (Note: It may take some practice, but you will find your groove together and be able to enjoy the sensual intercourse. Once you achieve the right angle, you will be able to experience the pleasure needed to achieve a strong orgasm.)
  5. Keeping your hips tilted up toward his with your legs as straight and closed as possible will ensure your clitoris is stimulated with precision. If you go spread eagle, you will not be able to arch your hips properly and the shaft of the penis will lose its connection with the clitoris.

It is important to note that this position is to give you the best orgasm. He may not reach his. In this case, simply switch to a new position that allows him more thrust and power after you have climaxed.

Tips for Better Sexual Experience with Coital Alignment Technique

1. The Man Needs to Ensure His Weight Is Evenly Distributed

He may need to lean more to one side or the other to accomplish this. His weight should be partly on the woman's chest and partly on the object they are having sex on. It is important that the man relaxes the upper part of his body so the woman can wrap her legs around his waist. The woman will also need to entwine her legs around his so that she can stretch her legs until her calves reach his ankles.

2. The Man Needs to Move in More Than One Direction

In order to achieve the best stimulation, the clitoris needs to be stimulated from more than one angle. This can be achieved by having the man move his hips in various directions; the penis will be able to rub the clitoris from different angles to provide more pleasure.

3. The Woman Needs to Move Too 

Instead of simply laying there, the woman needs to move as well. She needs to rock opposite the man (if he is rocking up, she needs to rock down) to ensure effective stimulation. Unlike many other sexual positions where the woman's thrusting does not seem to do anything, it is a necessary part of the coital alignment technique.

4. Vary the Rhythm and Pace

Moving in different directions is not the only way to improve stimulation. Moving at slower pace or different rhythm will increase the stimulation as well.

5. Use Patience and Practice

It is not about how fast you can go; rather it is about the sensual stimulation. You will need patience as you learn how to properly use the coital alignment technique for the best orgasms. It is about the slow repetitive movements.

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