New Things to Try in Bed

If you follow the same bedroom routine, your sex life can quickly become boring. The truth is it does not have to be that difficult to change your routines to spice up your sex life. Just get a clue about some new things to try in bedthen you will enjoy the most exciting sex of your life. Keep reading to get some new things to try in your sex life.

New Things to Try in Bed for Women

Every couple experiences the situation when sex becomes boring for some time. You are definitely not alone here. The question is, "what can you do to spice things up a bit?" Here are some perfect and tested ideas you definitely want to know.

1. Slight Bondage Can Help

A light bondage will go a long way in adding spice to your sex life. You do not have to go overboard with the idea and use all the whips and chains. Simply blindfolding your partner or handcuffing him to the bed will do the trick. The sensory deprivation from a blindfold will make your partner shift his focus to what you are doing to him and this will raise sexual tension to a point where he will have an intense orgasm.

2. Striptease

Turn on your favorite music and seduce your partner with a striptease. Relax and do this with pleasure. Sometimes you can even invite your man to do such little dance with you. With the right type of music, a striptease may prove beneficial for your sex life.

3. Be in Control in Sex

If your man has always been a dominant partner during your sex acts, you may want to consider being in control in sex.You, as a woman, can also try to be the dominant and let the man play the submissive role. That's one of those new things that are proven to be spicy.

4. Hot/Cold Oral Sex

Another type of new things to try in bed is oral sex. If you have not tried it ever, this is the time to take the plunge. Fill your mouth with some very warm tea or keep a bit of crushed ice in your mouth and give your partner some fabulous oral sex. Try it once; the pleasure will make him ask for more.

5. Seducing Clothes

What you wear will also make your partner feel excited. Simply wearing a new set of underwear can turn your sex life from boring to exciting. Those sexy clothes make you feel different and also refresh your sex life. Just be sure to select something that is comfortable to wear – anything itchy or uncomfortable will only lead to hurting you both and keep you from having a memorable sexual encounter.

New Things to Try in Bed for Men

While it is easy for women to be more seductive in the bedroom, there are several new things to trythat men can do during the intercourse. You can try different things that will make your woman feel excited and beg for more.

1. Undress Her

As one of the new things to try in bed for men, remember to do it slowly though! Treat her like a present and remove those layers of clothes with love and care. Doing it quickly works sometimes because that is raw passion, but removing her clothes slowly feels more seducing and has a better effect on your sex life. Keep brushing her hair and do not forget to caress her body with your hands and tongue while undressing her.

2. Anal Beads May Work Well

As one of the new things to try in bed, anal beads are not for every man of course. Those who enjoy anal stimulation will love it though and have a fantastic orgasm as well. Anal beads work because they stimulate the male G-spot and cause an intense orgasm.

3. Role-Play

Fulfill your wildest fantasies in the bedroom. You can take on a different persona to make things feel more exciting. This will also help to get rid of self-conscious insecurities that are often pleasure killers. Just assume a new role and have fun with your partner.

4. Go Down and Give Her a Lick

If you have not try oral sex or do not do it that often, you should change it now. While not all women would appreciate oral sex, most do. You will not know for sure until you try it for once. If she likes it, make it an integral part of every sexual act you two have together.

5. Take Charge in the Bedroom

If you have not been that dominant in the bedroom or never tried to take full charge of situations in the bedroom, try changing that for once. It is one of the most effective new things to try in bed. Women from all fields of life – power attorneys, stay-at-home moms, women in their 40s or 20s, or executives – say they want their man to take charge in the bedroom. Understand that your lady wants someone who is capable, confident and passionate. Just do not make her feel as if she is your bitch in the bedroom.

6. Start Foreplay Outside the Bedroom

You can just try to start the foreplay before coming into the bedroom. Such intimacy adds excitement to your relationship, and even lets you take the liberty to find new things to try in bed. You need to understand that for a woman there is nothing more exciting that mental stimulation, which will come through lots of foreplay and seduction. Try turning her on by a statement, a look,your wit, or doing something that makes her anticipate what is coming next. Do not just focus on her body but make things to arouse for her.

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