When Is the Right Time to Have Sex?

When the chemistry clicks just right, and the only thing you can think about is having sex, remember that the same dating rules apply. So when is the right time to have sex? He might not be ready yet even if you want to move forward, and you may feel frustrated because he dictates how serious the relationship gets. What's more important is sex frequently creates a false sense of intimacy, and once you give in you will lose the upper hand in the dating power dynamics.

When Is the Right Time to Have Sex?

There are various things to consider when it comes to having sex in a relationship, here're 9 easy things to start.

1. When You Can Talk About Sex Comfortably

If you're not even able to talk it over with your partner, you're not ready to move forward in the relationship. You may try to say something like, "Since we are both ready to have sex, before we do, can we talk about a few things first?" It's critically important for you to be able to talk comfortably to your partner about it to ensure you're on the same page, and where your relationship stands moving forward.

2. When You Know Whether He/She Has Multiple or Single Partners

Many casual relationships can involve multiple partners. When couples are casually dating, some are comfortable sleeping with multiple partners at once, so long as they are being as safe as they can. However, if you or your partner feels strongly that a sexual relationship should not be shared with others, now is the time to discuss the issue. Although this may feel awkward, asking this question bluntly can give you a better sense of the situation.

3. When You Trust Each Other

When is the right time to have sex? When you really trust your partner, that's when! If you think that your partner is trying to get close to you just for sex, then trust in that person is questionable. Trust issues should be discussed openly and honestly with each other before letting them get intimate with your body. You should be confident knowing that sharing your intimate secrets is safe with them.

4. When You Feel Comfortable With It

Although the chemistry might be right, and the urge for sex tempting, do not buckle under the pressure until you feel comfortable about the possible negative outcomes. Nobody likes to deal with a broken heart, nor do they want to compromise their health. You are the only person who can protect your health and respect your sexuality, so make sure you are comfortable with it.

5. When You've Talked About Safety

As uncomfortable as it may be, talking about safety is imperative. This kind of conversations can seem uncomfortable in the moment, but it doesn't make it any less important. Nobody wants to contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD). More important, you'll not want to contract HIV, it could be deadly. You should have a conversation about each other's sexual history, and agree on the use of a condom.

6. When You Are Ready for Any Awkward Moments

Getting to know your partner the first time you have sex can create some awkward moments. You or your partner may be clumsy at first, not knowing where to start. However, this will correct itself after multiple sessions once you get to know each other. Besides, the morning after may present you with some guilty feelings, or some second guessing, but this too should dissipate if you have most of the critical issues addressed before making love.

7. When You Want Long-Term Potential

Some people prefer a sexual relationship before a long-term commitment. Nobody likes surprises after they have committed to a relationship, and if you, or your partner, are not sexually satisfied, the relationship may not last. Great sex is just as important to people as an excellent conversation, and it's important to find out just how sexually compatible you both are together.

8. When You Deliver a Passionate Kiss

When is the right time to have sex? When you deliver the ultimate passionate kiss! Most people equate the ability to deliver a passionate kiss as a prerequisite for any sexual relationship. It may not be the first kiss you get that turns you on, but after a while if the kissing becomes more passionate, the sexual desire will increase.

9. When Being Funny Is Sexy

There is nothing dull about being funny, and being funny is sexy. If you or your partner has the ability to make the other laugh, then the easier it will be to get them in the bed. Making life fun with humor has a way of projecting confidence, helps people to relax, and is an overall indicator of how well they will perform in bed.

First Time Sex Tips

  • Give it some time: Excellent relationships are not built in a day. You'll want to commit some time for the relationship to blossom. Most women, and some men, prefer to really get to know someone before they have any sexual relationship.
  • Perform good kissing: Kissing is just as important as the sex act itself. Try this sexual foreplay by alternating soft kisses and tracing her lips with your tongue, and remember kissing is not just for lips anymore.
  • Be patient: Try not to go too fast. Slowly work your way down over her body with gentle caresses and kisses. Trace your hand along her hips, while slowly working your way between her legs.
  • Now comes to the main event: Help her lie back with her knees bent slightly, and help her to place pillows under her head, hips, and torso. This will allow you to position yourself between her legs and enter her while stroking her clitoris with your hand.
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