10 Warning Signs of an Unhappy Relationship

Relationships are hard work. Love alone is not enough to sustain a long and fruitful relationship. You will have ups and downs and have to make countless sacrifices. At the end of the day, the sacrifice is usually worth it. However, there are times when a relationship isn’t really worth fighting for. But how do you tell that what you’re going through is not really part of a normal relationship? Is it really worth holding on given the way you’ve been treated? Below are some unhappy relationship signs that should signal the end of a relationship.

Signs of an Unhappy Relationship

  1. There’s No Communication

Sometimes it’s romantic to sit with your lover for hours on end without saying much and still enjoying each other’s company. However, if the silent moments are the norm rather than the exception, then you might have a problem in your hands.  Conversations should not feel labored or forced in your relationship. If you often feel awkward around your significant other and can’t quite talk about what‘s  on your mind, then you might just want to consider leaving the relationship. You should be able to talk about pretty much anything and do things together. Opening up to each other is what will build the relationship. If this is not present, then you might as well call it quits.

  1. Not There for You Mentally

Your lover might be there physically but absent mentally. For example, he might be watching a game of football and completely ignore all your attempts to tell him about your day.  It is important for people in a relationship to listen to each other and make time for catching up with each other’s lives. If you partner always seems distant and just nods his head without engaging you, then there might be a problem.  

  1. He Cuts You Short

Does he interrupt your arguments and dismisses you claiming you’ve been through all what your trying to pass across? This is definitely one of the unhappy relationship signs to look out for. You will experience differences in your relationship, but you deserve someone who respects your opinion and gives you an ear when you have something to say.

  1. No Emotional or Physical Connection

One of the signs of a relationship that is falling apart is the lack of an emotional or physical connection. The two of you might no longer touch each other and you are both distant emotionally.

  1. Comparing the Present to Your Past

The majority of couples can agree that during the early weeks and months, their relationship was at its very best. They were both happy and looked forward to meeting up or doing stuff together. However, this fades away as the relationship settles into a more predictable schedule. While this is normal for every relationship, it is a bad sign if you start wishing your partner could go back to treating you like they did during the early days of your relationship.

  1. They Irritate You

Has your relationship gotten to a point where everything your partner says or does irritates you? If you are always angry at your partner no matter what they do, then it is a sign that you need to move on with your life separately. Such a situation can drag on for a long time if left unattended. Eventually, the relationship will end on a very sour note. Avoid all this by cutting it short as soon as possible. This is one of the unhappy relationship signs you need to watch out for.

  1. You Want Your Partner to Change

We all want the best for our significant others. However, if it gets to a point where you wish they were like someone else, then there’s no point being in the relationship. It’s futile staying on believing that your partner will change for the better. The best thing to do at this point would be to call it quits and try getting into a relationship with someone else. 

  1. You Avoid Each Other

Do you find that you are always making excuses not to call, meet up or talk to your significant other? When you reach a point in your relationship where you cannot stand each other, then you might want to call it off. You no longer go out on dates, watch TV together, and talk for hours on the phone. This is a sure sign the relationship is on its death bed.

  1. Sudden Short Temper

Has your normally even-tempered partner developed a sudden short fuse. Do they snap at you at the slightest provocation? This issue needs to be addressed immediately since its not fair for them to vent their pent-up anger at you. Relationship experts argue that this could be caused by your partner getting fed up with you. They might feel you are no longer compatible and are looking for a way out.

10. The Relationship Is Stuck

This is one of the subtlest unhappy relationship signs. You will hardly notice until you take time out to examine your relationship. The natural progression of a relationship should be to going on romantic dates to meeting family and friends and then going on vacations together. This should be followed by a proposal and hopefully marriage. If your relationship is stuck at one point and there seems to be no hope of progression, then you might want to find out why or reconsider your options.

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