Why Does Everyone Hate Me?

Do you ever feel that people around you hate you for no apparent reason? According to you, nothing went wrong but people around you don’t agree. It is important to ask yourself the question, "Why does everyone hate me?" and find the cause that makes you stay in this awkward and painful situation. Sometimes you might find the reasons to be silly or harmless, but others might think that you do such things intentionally to annoy them. It is not your fault, but it is not necessarily their fault either. It is important to try and reflect on your actions and see what can be done.

Why Does Everyone Hate Me?

After a general research, we have come up with the following main reasons why others dislike you:

1. They Think You Don't Like them

Be it not replying to their messages or silently walking past them in a mall to prevent small talk, some people take massive offence if you avoid conversation with them. They might assume that they are not important in your eyes, the truth being you are not comfortable with chit-chat. It is like submitting a resumé, but not getting any reply back. It can be interpreted as you being too pompous and high, too important to talk to them.


2. They Think You Belittle Them

While you might find okay it to joke about losing $200 on a silly, drunken bet, others might not be that privileged. To them, you deliberately asserted power over them, even though you did not mean to. The whole thing sends a message saying that you’re better than them. People don’t like to be made to appear smaller. We all like to think that everyone around us is happy and have nothing to worry about.

3. They Think You're in Debt to Them

If you think, "Why does everyone hate me?" then know that every failing relationship has a similar setting. Both sides think that they are doing everything while the other person is simply taking everything without giving anything in return. This holds true for any situation. Say for example you might have had refused to run an errand for them perhaps because you had work that day. That debt that you didn’t even know about might be what’s causing everyone around you to hate you.

4. They Think You Have Wasted Their Time

There’s always been that one time you asked your technologically aware friend about how your computer wouldn’t work properly but were told to hang up rudely. These are all snippets from everyday life that show everyone thinks their time is precious, and anyone interrupting them is wasting their time. It might seem rude, but often the other person is truly stuck with nothing they can do about it.

5. You Think Everything Is Good Because You Said So

Everything might be going on perfectly fine until someone decides to make some big change. You might think that it is pointless and that they don't need to do that, but that is only because you were okay with the past situation, not everybody. The problem here is that you didn’t perceive a problem that someone might have had and decided that things were fine for everyone.

6. They Think You’re Taking Advantages of Them

Your friends might be a cool person, take you to all the nice parties and increase your social status at their expense. But if you don't return that favour somehow, they might think that you’re using them for your own benefit and might cause them to hate you. However if the other person doesn't mind, you can do act however you want.

7. You Think You Know Everything

If you think why people hate you, it might be good to ask yourself if you keep shoving advice down other people’s throats. Like all your accomplishments, people will start hating you pretty soon if you keep rubbing it in their faces that you know everything.

8. You Are Depressing to Hang Around With

You might be depressed and feel that nothing is going right. Negativity is a contagious emotion and humans are social creatures. If people around you feel negative with you, they might start to dislike you. Try to talk it through with close friends and seek medical advice. Suicide is not an option, no matter how many people you think hate you. So stop thinking, "Why does everyone hate me?" and start doing something about it!

9. You Brag a Lot

It is great that you've reached all your goals and people will be impressed when they hear about it. But no matter how many yachts you own, unless you stop bragging about your accomplishments to everyone, they probably will dislike you very soon. Bragging indicates insecurity and that you need someone to help with your ego. Try being yourself for a while. Keep your promises. People will surely appreciate it better that way.

10. You Talk too Much

Being social is a great thing, but talking too much is no good. While having conversations, you should always give the other person a chance to talk. Otherwise, it quickly becomes a lecture, rather than a conversation. Give others a chance to speak when you see they become disinterested and see how people don’t hate you as much anymore.

11. You Lie to Others

Are you still wondering, "Why does everyone hate me?" Well, lying is something no one appreciates and is perhaps the quickest way to get on someone’s nerves. It might be a broken promise or taking credit for things you didn’t do. Lying makes people lose trust in you and breaks relationships apart. People remember it for a long time if you lie to them, but telling the complete truth in the future will help you regain their trust and rebuild your relationship gradually.

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