How to Stop Being Needy

It seems that all women believe in the phrase "out of sight, out of mind". That is probably the reason why they always want to be with their partner. Women are of the view that their boyfriends are not thinking about them when they are not together. This makes girls succumb to relentless questioning, texting and nagging. This actually shows how needy you are, which is only going to drive your partner insane and. This can be extremely damaging for your relationship, which is why it is importance to learn how to stop being a needy person. Keep reading to find out more.

How to Stop Being Needy

Relying too much on your partner for everything will make you look needy. You need to learn to give them some space of their own to keep relationships healthy. However, if you really have trouble understanding how to achieve some balance in your relationship and become less needy, here are the steps to follow.

1. Admit You Are Needy

 Being clingy will never take your relationship far. Emotions such as jealousy, insecurity, loneliness, etc., fuel clinginess, and you can do nothing about it unless you admit you have issues to resolve. Make conscious efforts to give your partner some space and give yourself some space too to think about other things in your life. The sooner you realize your partner's need for space is reasonable, the better.

2. Stop Idealizing Your Partner

Never think your partner is perfect, one of the most important solution to how to stop being needy. When you meet someone who is exactly your type, it is sometimes difficult to keep yourself from idealizing things that might never happen in your relationship. Women set high expectations and most of those expectations are unrealistic. You have to understand that the other person in your life is human and not perfect. Learn to give them space and be ready to forgive when they do make any mistakes.

3. Avoid Information Bombardment

Take your relationship like a game of tennis. You have to initiate a move and then need to wait the other person to reciprocate. Once the ball is in their side of the court, wait for them to respond. Continue tossing a whole bunch more and you will end up driving other person mad. It is natural to feel concerned and nervous while waiting for the other person to respond, but you need to resist the temptation to appear needy. Sometimes, it takes time to get a response because the other person may be too busy or may not be interested in hanging out at the moment.

4. Let Him Come Back to You

It's been a week since he called you. Do not panic. There is no need to tell him that you have been waiting for him to reply. If he really wants you, he will make the effort. Do not make him feel that his absence makes you feel nervous, concerned, and uncomfortable. Look confident and whenever he calls you back, tell him you are good. Let him make the move and return to you. And he will if he really wants to be with you in a relationship. Being needy isn't going to change anything!

5. Do Not Try to Be too Agreeable

How to stop being needy? Just don't bend all your rules for your man. Becoming agreeable with someone you like is natural, but going too far will hurt your relationship in many ways. For example, he love football, but you hate and know nothing about it. After several dates watching football games, you feel boring, give dumb comments and feel embarrassed. The once sweet relationship leaves no traces. So, just be confident and learn to share your true feelings about things.

6. Don't Let Your World Revolve Around Your Man

It is good to make the man in your life feel special, but you should not forget about other things and people in your life. If you have made plans with your friends or have as meeting with someone else, you should not cancel everything when your man wants you to be with him on a short notice.  If you do it, you will look needy.

7. Spend Some Time With Friends or Yourself

Even if you are very close to someone, spending all your time with them can sometimes be quite suffocating. Understand that not being able to give others space will come back to haunt you later. This is a surefire way of ending your relationship in a bad way because the other person will eventually reach a breaking point. Spend some time with your other friends and do things you like to do. That space and time apart will draw you two together more than ever because absence does make your hearts grow fonder.

8. Try Other Things in Life

One simple way to learn how to stop being needy is to keep yourself busy. Being busy will not give you time to be needy. You can do so many other things than sitting and waiting for your boyfriend to call or text you. Go out. Widen your scope. Enroll in a dance class. Help people in your community. Start a new exercise program or do something you like. Keeping yourself busy is the key here.

9. Keep Your Self Esteem High

Even when you feel like that you are single because the other person is not responding as you expected, you should still keep your self-esteem high. Understand that being in a relationship is not the only way to be happy. Getting involved in a relationship to an extent that it becomes a need is only going to hurt you bad. Go watch movies you love. Listen to your favorite music. Enjoy exercising. Learn to feel and enjoy the freedom. Understand that no one but you can make yourself feel better, and this will help boost your self-esteem and get rid of that needy side of you.


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