Ecstasy Before and After

Ecstasy is an illicit drug with many street names like XE, E, love drug, Eve, love pill, hug drug, snow ball, elephants, and the list goes on. It is commonly found in pill form but can also be injected or taken in some other ways too. It became popular as a party drug after 1970s, and today, Ecstasy is right at the top in terms of popular among youth today. Statistics show that there are well over 9 million Ecstasy users around the world. Ecstasy may give you a high, but it has several side effects which can hurt you mentally and physically, and you can learn more about it by checking some Ecstasy before and after photos. Keep reading to find out more.

Side Effects of Ecstasy

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, Ecstasy is a Schedule I drug, which means it is a dangerous substance with serious side effects and no real medicinal benefits. LSD and heroin are also Schedule in case you don't know the severity of Schedule I drugs. Ecstasy alone can cause serious side effects, but it becomes even more dangerous when mixed with alcohol. The widespread use of Ecstasy has increased the emergency room incidents by 1,200%.

Ecstasy before and after effects can be quite different and dangerous. Some side effects are rather short-termed, while others may last for quite long.

  • Short-term effects: The most common side effects in this category are confusion, false sense of affection, impaired judgment, sleep problems, depression, drug cravings, paranoia, muscle tension, severe anxiety, nausea, blurred vision, and involuntary teeth clenching.
  • Long-term effects: convulsions, psychosis, hemorrhaging, kidney failure, anxiety, depression, degenerated nerve branches, and cardiovascular collapse are some common long-term effects. Its use may also cause long-lasting brain damage and even death.

Ecstasy Before and After Pictures

Having a look at these before and after pictures of taking Ecstasy will give you a better idea of what this drug is capable of doing. It has affected so many young people, including Amy Thomson.

This 16-year-old girl took only one crystal capsule of Ecstasy at a house party a few months ago, but it was enough to turn her life upside down. The use of this drug left her in a wheel chair with severe brain damage and slurred speech. She was hospitalized after taking the drug and went into a coma. It took her weeks to come out of it, but she was all broken and changed. Here are some images of Amy (the first serious of picture) and other people to help you know what Ecstasy can do.




Is Ecstasy Addictive?

Yes, it is highly addictive. Besides, Ecstasy, like other highly addictive drugs, affects dopamine, serotonin and other neurotransmitters and changes the chemical response of these neurotransmitters.

Although physical dependence seldom happens, Ecstasy can make you experience increased emotional intimacy and higher sensations of stimulation, so it is psychologically addictive. You will be tempted to increase the dosage after binge use of Ecstasy.

How to Get Off Ecstasy Safely and For Good

Ecstasy before and after pictures are disturbing enough to make many people try to get off Ecstasy for good. It is not that simple though. The drug cravings are quite strong and there can be withdrawal effects too. Here are some steps you can take to break this addiction.

1. Taper Off

Safe tapering is important for high dose, daily users. This will make it easier to deal with Ecstasy withdrawal symptoms. You should cut the dosage by 25% every week if you are using the drugs on a weekly basis. You should taper off the dosage by about 10% if you are a more frequent user. At the same time, avoid triggering situations where other pressurize you to try Ecstasy. Talking to a healthcare provider will also help make a plan to succeed.

2. Get Enough Nutrients

Along with reducing the intake of this drug, you also need to pay attention to your diet. Eating balanced diet will improve your mood and boost mental and physical well-being. You can also take magnesium supplements, multivitamins, or other nutritional supplements to get all the right nutrients. Talk to your doctor before you start taking a supplement.

3. Distract Yourself

Make conscious efforts to stay away from people or settings that remind you of your association with drugs. Concentrate on healthy activities to keep yourself distracted. You can always opt for yoga, tai chi, or meditation to calm your mind and deal with withdrawal symptoms in a much better way.

4. Get Help

From the Ecstasy before and after pictures you should know that this is big, so do not shy away from getting help. Keep in touch with your doctor to devise a better strategy to get rid of this drug. Also, work with a counselor to understand the right way to withdraw from Ecstasy. You can also join an addiction support group to meet people like you for inspiration.

When to Choose Inpatient Treatment

While you can certainly take steps to treat your addiction, you may have to decide if you want your treatment done on an outpatient or inpatient basis. If you have a hard time dealing with your addiction and use Ecstasy frequently, you will be better off going for inpatient treatment. It is also beneficial for those with mental health issues. Moreover, you may get medically supervised detox when opting for an inpatient treatment.

On the other hand, outpatient treatment will still have many features that you usually see in inpatient treatment, but you will be able to stay at your home during recovery. While this may be a rather cheaper option, you will have a hard time keeping yourself away from daily temptations that lead to relapse. 

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