Pubic Hair in Puberty for Girls

Puberty happens to everyone's life. Hormones that have lain dormant within the body awaken when a person reaches their pubescent age, causing many changes within the person, including the growth of pubic hair. It is quite natural for puberty for girls and boys to grow pubic hair in their puberty. Everyone is different in terms of quantity of hair that grows, the rate of growth, and at what age a person starts puberty.

Pubic Hair in Puberty for Girls

When a girl goes through puberty, hair growth in the pubic area is often the first physical sign of change. Pubic hair will first be soft and only grow in small quantities, usually beginning between the legs. As a girl goes through puberty, the hairs will begin to grow in larger amounts, and start to go slightly curly. A girl can also expect hair to begin growing in her arm pits, and eventually on the legs as well. Some may also grow a thin strip of hair from their belly button to the pelvic region. All of which is normal.

When pubic hair has grown on your body, it is important to keep good hygiene of the hair by washing the hair. Standard shampoo will often be unsuitable for the delicate pubic regions. It is advisable to use the soft, fragrance-free soap to keep your pubic area clean and free of irritation.

Can I Remove Pubic Hair?

The growth of pubic hair in puberty for girls can be a daunting experience. It is possible that body changes will promote feelings of embarrassment. This is unnecessary as pubic hair is natural and nothing to be embarrassed about.

Generally, girls can choose to remove the pubic hair, but this is a personal choicenot a necessity. In the summer months, some women would like to remove the pubic hair around their bikini line, so it's not visible whilst wearing summer appropriate attire. There are many methods which can be used to remove hair, some of which are detailed below:

1. Use a Razor to Trim

If the pubic hair is exceptionally long, it would be wise to trim it first with a pair of scissors. When you shave, ensure you do so with a clean razor, and ensure the area has first been washed, which will clean bacteria from the area; the water also helps to soften the pubic hair, making the shaving process easier. Ensure to follow the direction the hair goes with your strokes, shaving against the growth of hair can cause ingrown hairs or a rash known as razor burn.

2. Depilatories or Creams for Hair Removal

Depilatories contain chemicals that dissolve hair down to skin level. This method of hair removal lasts longer than shaving which is why some prefer it, although some have said to experience a tingling sensation or pain after use.

3. Waxing

Waxing pubic hair is one of the longest lasting solutions when removing hair. The process involves applying hot wax, covering the wax with a sheet of waxing paper, and then ripping it off, pulling the hair from its root. Waxing can cause damage to the skin if done incorrectly. If you are unsure as to what you are doing, it would be advisable to have this process done by a professional.

Although it is a regularly performed procedure, waxing can cause skin irritation, pain and a pimply reaction where the hairs used to be.

Other Development on Puberty Girls

Besides the pubic hair in puberty for girls, there are some else developments on puberty girls.

1. Breast Development

Breast development, on average, begins from the ages of eight to thirteen in girls, and continues throughout puberty. The development begins with some breast tissue forming around the areola (nipple area), and the area becoming enlarged. This growth process continues until each breast is enlarged and distinct.

2. Growth Spurt

During puberty, the body is likely to grow. This may first be noticed in the hands, feet, and head, as these are usually the first to grow, followed by the arms and legs, and finally the shoulders and torso. The increase in height is naturally accompanied by an increase in weight, which is perfectly normal.

3. Acne

Acne can cause irritable spots to form on your face and body. This happens to many people during puberty due to the development of oil and sweat producing glands, which cause acne when clogged. To avoid this condition, try to wash your face regularly, twice a day at least. There are also many medical creams and treatments that can help you combat the outbreak.

4. Genitalia Development

Along with pubic hair in puberty for girls, they will experience much change from adolescence to womanhood. Genitalia development is one of these changes. During puberty, the uterus gets larger and the vagina starts to get longer. The two" lips" on the vagina that enclose the vulva also increase in size.

5. Occasions of Discharge

Discharge is very common in girls going through puberty. It is usually a clear or cloudy liquid, and is produced to clean and moisten the vagina. It is common for girls to experience discharge before they start their period; this is a sign that menstruation is soon to start on average in six to eighteen months.

6. Period

Menstruation can be unpredictable for the first 2 years of a girl's pubescent life. The girl may develop menstruation cycles after 1 to 2 years. This can be a strange and nervous time for a young girl, but every woman goes through that and it's nothing to worry about.

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