White Stuff Coming Out of Nipple

The nipples can leak fluid at any time and it can happen in men as well as women. It may be normal but you should ask your doctor about it if you notice it and worry about it. Nipple discharge happens more likely in women and is more likely to be benign in nature; however, if it occurs in men, this is usually some kind of problem. In men, the white stuff coming out of nipple is usually tinged with blood and a doctor needs to check it.

White Stuff Coming Out of Nipple, Why?

If there is white stuff discharged from nipple, it usually happens when the nipples are being squeezed or are related with the following conditions.

1.   Your Are Pregnant

Many women notice clear or white stuff out of nipple in early pregnancy. It is usually clear in early pregnancy but, later on in pregnancy, it becomes more like milk in appearance. This is normal.

2.  Your Are Breastfeeding

There will be some white stuff from nipple after you have stopped breastfeeding your infant. This can last for several months or even for years after nursing. This is normal.

3.   Breasts Stimulation

If the breasts are stimulated in any way, they may secrete some type of fluid. This can be caused by exercising vigorously with a tight bra, including when you are jogging.

4.   Certain Medications

There are medications that can result in a white stuff coming out of nipple. Some of these include Tagamet (cimetidine) which is used for stomach ailments, birth control pills, certain antidepressants, some other psychiatric medications and a nausea medication called domperidone.

5.   Fibrocystic Breast Disease

Women with fibrocystic breast disease have cysts and fibrous tissue in their breasts. These are changes in the breast that result in thickened breast tissue and lumps. Besides pain and itching of the breasts, these fibrocystic changes can cause clear, yellow, green, or white discharge from the nipples.

6.   Galactorrhea

Galactorrhea is a medical term that describes the secretion of milk or a milk-like discharge from the breasts in a person who isn't breastfeeding. It is not a disease in and of itself and there are many causes of this condition. Some of them include medications, hormone therapy, pituitary gland tumors, herbal remedies (like fennel and anise), illicit drugs (marijuana), and a low thyroid condition.

7.   Ectasia of the Mammary Duct

This is commonly found among women who are in the perimenopausal period of their lives. While it doesn't usually have any symptoms, this condition can result in a white, black or green discharge from the nipples, redness or soreness of the breast and nipple, an inverted nipple, or a thickened area or lump where the duct has become clogged.

When Should You Worry About It?

There are times when you should be concerned about white stuff coming out of nipple. For example, if the discharge is bloody or brown in color, you should seek the advice of your doctor because it could represent breast cancer or a breast infection. Any time you have nipple discharge you can't explain, you should see your doctor, particularly if you are male. Nipple discharge in a male usually means there is cancer that will need some kind of treatment.

People's Experiences

There are a wide variety of situations in which white stuff can come out of the nipples. Here are a few experiences with the problem that some people have had:

I am 27 years old and have noticed a whitish discharge from both of my breasts ever since I turned about 17 or 18 years old, when I was a senior in high school. I have never had any piercings in my nipples because I think that would hurt. On one occasion, I noticed a whitish paste just at the end of the nipple. I removed it and squeezed the nipple. That was when I noticed the clear and whitish discharge. I thought it would be just that one time, but I still have the problem. I saw my doctor and told her about it and she told me that the problem was only due to a hormone imbalance and that there was nothing I should worry about. It persists until now. 

I have experienced whit stuff coming out of nipple for a long time, even though I have never given birth, breastfed an infant, or had my nipples pierced. I get these white spots on my nipples when I squeeze the nipple. I can squeeze it out about once per week. The discharge does not smell and there has never been any bleeding from the nipple. I told my doctor about it and she didn't seem terribly concerned. She told me it was a common problem and that it is due to dead cells, milk and other substances within the breast. I was told that I should only worry about the discharge if the breast becomes painful, if blood comes out of the nipple or if the discharge smells or is green or yellow in color. In such cases, it could mean there is an infection in the breast that calls for doctor.

I have had both of my nipples pierced already and the piercing artist was really good. She told me that there are bumps on the areola and taught me why we have them before actually piercing the nipples. She also told me that the bumps on the areola were connected to the breast's milk ducts and that discharge was nothing to worry about. The way my bumps were located and any piercing I got would connect with the bumps on the areola and would be connected to the tracts which carry milk. She said both breasts would be affected so that during the premenstrual phase of my cycle, I might have white stuff coming out of nipple or clear drainage from the nipple. As long as the discharge wasn't green, it meant there would be no evidence of infection. The white stuff is normal, though, and I think there is no need to worry about it. 

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