How to Break Your Hymen

Located about a half-inch inside the vagina, hymen is a very thin membrane covering the external vaginal opening. Hymens can be of different shapes, but the most common one looks like a half moon. Due to this shape, it is easy for menstrual blood to flow out of your vagina. Although hymens provide protection for the vagina, many young girls often want to know how to break your hymen. Keep reading to find out more about it.

How to Break the Hymen During Sex Without Pain?

Having vaginal intercourse is the most common and sure way to break your hymen, but it can be painful for some. Here are a few tips to help you learn how to break your hymen during sex with little to no pain.

1. Prepare and Relax Yourself

You have to prepare yourself when having sex for the very first time. Invest in a good quality lubricant to make your intercourse a lot easier and pain-free. Avoid using any oil-based lubricant if you're using latex condoms or you might tear them. Try to learn more about your sexual organs through books. Learn about your body through masturbation and always approach sex with a positive attitude. Get some condoms to prevent pregnancy and STIs. Birth control pill is another great option.

2. Share Your Concerns with Your Partner

Tell your partner it's your first time all your concerns. Your partner is equally responsible for making it an enjoyable and memorable experience for you. You should, however, avoid getting anxious because feel tense and nervous will tighten up your vaginal muscles and make sex more painful.

3. Pick a Comfortable Place

This is important to learn how to break your hymen with the utmost comforts. You are not going to enjoy it if you constantly worry about getting caught or if you feel physically uncomfortable. Find a comfortable place where you can enjoy it without worrying about anything.

4. Take Things Easy

Don't rush it when having your first sex with your hymen intact. Keep your focus completely on enjoying the intercourse. Be sure to spend a lot of time doing foreplay because the more aroused you are, the better. Besides, you may ask your partner to move slowly, so there is time for you to adjust and for the pain abate. This method will greatly lessen the pain you feel when hymen is broken during first sex.

Note: When you actually break your hymen, you will experience bleeding with mild to severe pain. If it's becoming difficult to deal with your pain, take OTC pain relievers, but avoid aspiring if you're below 19 years of age. It is also a good idea to wear a light pad for a few hours after you break your hymen through sex.

Other Ways of Breaking Your Hymen

Sex is the most common answer to how to break your hymen, but you can definitely try some other ways to accomplish the goal. Here's what you can do:

  • You may have already broken your hymen if you're involved in sports like horseback riding, gymnastics, etc. If you notice spotting after an intense workout session, this could be because you've just broken your hymen.
  • You can actually break it with your fingers. You or your partner can insert fingers into your vagina to stretch and break the hymen tissue. You may experience pain and bleeding.
  • Instead of fingers, you can insert any other object to break your hymen.
  • You may end up breaking your hymen while using a tampon.
  • Your hymen may also break due to some injuries such as falling on any sharp object in a water slide, bathtub, etc. A water skiing accident may also break it. 
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